I’m a 30 something year old first time mummy from Nottingham in the UK. I have a daughter, born in September 2015.  I live with my boyfriend, and we’ve been together for six and a half years. I’m a qualified Dental Nurse and have recently started back at work as a Treatment-Coordinator and Social Media Manager for an Aesthetic Medicine company. I also have a degree in Animal Science, and still do have a passion for animals.

I decided to create a blog in order to keep my sanity after an incredibly hard night with my baby. I’m a first time mummy, and I felt myself going a little crazy due to sleep deprivation. Now I’ve written a few posts, I don’t want it to just be for my own sake, I want to perhaps help other mummies out there, by being totally honest and saying it how it is. I want to be open and raw with you all, and not pretend that everything is perfect. I’m here to talk about the struggles, the hard times and the sleepless nights that come with parent hood. I want to share all the good times that make me happy and over whelmed with joy. Hopefully you’ll keep coming back and checking my updates- please feel free to offer advice or drop me a message. Nights when you’re up on your own, feeding your baby can be incredibly lonely, and it’s nice to have someone to chat to. I want to build a support network for all mummies out there. You never know, you might make a new friend.

In the spare time I actually get, I enjoy sports such as playing netball for Gotham NC and attending a Clubbercise class (got to lose that baby weight some how!). I’m quite openly a geek when it comes to my T.V shows, and I can’t even tell you how many I watch, ranging from the Vampire Diaries, to Arrow, to How To Get Away With Murder. I also LOVE Marvel (with a little bit of DC in between). I enjoy reading, on the rare occasions I get to sit down with my Kindle, and of course more than anything I love to spend time with my family.

As well as talking about being a first time mum, I now talk about other things too, although it usual is still baby orientated!



5 thoughts on “About”

    1. They do! We stopped giving them but had the most horrendous four weeks. I could hear her poor tummy rumbling, so she definitely still needs them! I’ll give them to her until she doesn’t want them. I can’t cope with just getting up once for a feed. It’s the rest of the night I can’t cope with!

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      1. Currently, my five month old is waking every two hours to nurse. O_O It’s crazy because she slept through the night from 9-20 weeks but then a growth spurt hit and yeah….we’ve started solids now but they aren’t enough to help her get through the night yet. lol

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      2. My toddler has always eaten very well and this doesn’t seem to have an effect on sleeping through. Unfortunately she has had a horrendous time with her teeth. She’s had 3 cut through in 4 weeks. Another 2 are cutting and 3-4 are on their way. She must be in so much pain at night, I’m lucky if she isn’t up hourly and I have to sleep on the couch with her for a least a couple of hours a night.

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