Thanks for making me a fighter

So, another sleepless night last night. I’m beginning to just get used to it now and accept the fact I’m never going to sleep well ever again. I don’t know if there is anything actually wrong with her. All her symptoms or possible symptoms point to different things. Colic, trapped wind, intolerance, reflux. You name it. She’s got it according to Google. I’m hoping it’s just this ‘Witching Hour’ thing people keep mentioning


Pluses for today however; 

Thea has gone to her Nanny’s for the night. Mainly to give me and Troy a break and to let us get some much needed sleep. I’m sure I’ll feel worse for it in the morning and wake in a frantic panic in the night, but it’s what we need right now. 

The Dr Browns bottles came early from Amazon. They weren’t supposed to be delivered until Wednesday at the earliest, so I’m happy I decided not to pay the extra £5 for quicker delivery! Can’t wait to try them, and hopefully see an improvement within the next week or so. 

A big bonus for today was although Thea slept downstairs all night again, I managed to get her to sleep for a nap in her cot. A whole hour and a half! It doesn’t seem like much to the average person maybe, but to a struggling first time, sleep deprived mummy, this was an achievement. Believe me! I’m going to try and continue this, and move more into a routine. A friend advised bath, book, milk, bed- so that’s where we’re going to start. 

I’ve been out for lunch, come home and now have a film on, ready to relax for a few hours before bed. That wasn’t before having a cry because I miss my little Pork Chop so much! Hopefully she’s having a nice time with my mum and auntie Aston