You’re gonna sleep like a baby tonight

So it’s been a few days, I’ve got a few things to update. Thea was fine staying at my mums which is a huge relief. I suppose that every parent gets worried when their baby stays out for the first time, especially at such a young age- no matter who they staying with. The boyfriend didn’t collect her until after he had finished work on Monday night, so I had a whole day to myself. I blasted through some jobs around the house, popped to the shops, then came back and sat down, it was great! Once she was home, I only got thirty minutes with her before I was off out to netball. 


Netball was great. I’m not entirely sure my body is fully ready yet, but it clears my head, gives me something to look forward to one night a week and the girls are all really lovely. 

We have started to use the new Dr Browns bottles. It’s only been three days, so I’m not so sure that we would notice a difference yet. I have however, noticed that she’s not bringing up as much wind during a feed, which I assume means she’s not inhaling as much air? A plus I think! The bottles are quite faffy and I’ve only got four so I think I could do with another set. 

Monday night was a good night. We took her up around 8pm, put her in her new baby sleeping bag the put her down in her cot in the nursery (monitors were on) she woke up at 10.40pm for a feed- bonus as this is the longest she’s slept in her cot. She then woke for two more feeds during the night and one around 7am. She also went back down without a fight. I was happy in the morning as a) I got to sleep in my own bed and b) I was able to sleep for to hours at once. 

The following day however was pretty awful. She spent most of the orbing up until 12.30pm whinging and crying. I had a friend come round to lend me a tummy tub and she bought her little boy with her. So cute! She then decided to sleep for thee hours in the afternoon. 

We tried the tummy tub in the evening, and she looked really cute in it! We were laughing at her the whole time cos it looked pretty funny and I think she wondered what was going on! 


That night, it took a bit to get her down, but again, another good night. She went to aunty Astons the following day (yesterday) and by all accounts she was reasonably okay then.

Last night wasn’t great however. She kept waking up every hour, although I think it’s my own fault. The doctors gave us some infant gaviscon sachets to put in her milk, and due to the thickness of that, plus her comfort milk, I think she was struggle to get it from the teat, so was waking up pretty hungry. I’m going to order some new teats so we can carry on with the gaviscon. I have bigger teats for the tommee tippee but I would prefer not to go back to those bottles, incase she starts taking in air again!

Today she’s been a good girl so far, and she’s going to her granddad this afternoon so I can go to another two hour dental appointment which I’m not looking forward too. 

I’ve also managed to watch my shows today. Arrow aeason premiere which was great, loved the episode. Chicago PD again a great second episode. Rooting for Linstead. The Flash was fairly good too, although not my favourite show. Criminal Minds- meh I kind of feel like all the episodes are the same now, so I find myself not paying attention. It’s a shame as I really like the characters. NCIS:LA, again I kind of feel the same way, but I’ll keep watching. I’m LOVING Castle right now. I find myself laughing at the lines more and more each episode, so yes, really enjoying that right now. Looking forward to a new episode of How To Get Away With Murder tomorrow, along with premieres of the Vampire Diaires and the Originals. I think I’ll struggle to watch those tomorrow night with the boyfriend, but we can give it ago! What’s everyone watching and thinking about premiere season so far?