Life after dark, and the stars shine silently. Purple unicorns line the streets of gold as we wait so patiently.

Eight days since my last blog, and it’s been a bit of a blur again! Last Saturday we had a family day and spent some time out of the house which was really nice, and I also think it’s very important not to get to comfy it’s too easy to sit at home all day cuddled up, especially at this time of the year with the weather declining and getting colder. We went for a short walk around Gedling Country Park. We haven’t been up there before, and although it was a little chilly, it was really nice. I think once it begins to get lighter in the evenings (I know it might be a while) I will try going for a run up there. It will give a little variety from me running around Colwick park. A change of scenery may do me some good. After, we went for some lunch at the Traveler’s Rest. I haven’t been there for years, and was glad to see that it has changed a lot. It was a very nice lunch and I’d like to go again for an evening meal. Troy wanted to watch his team play football after, so we went down to the Burton Joyce game for a while and parked in the allocated buggy space (haha)

  We’ve had one or two bad days since my last blog. Where she literally wouldn’t stop crying/whining/moaning all day. I don’t think there is anything wrong with her, and she doesn’t seem to be in pain. I believe that she gets tired, so cries, can’t sleep because she’s crying and getting herself worked up and it goes from there. Hopefully this sounds familiar to some of you mums out there, and I haven’t just made up a new thing!

Yesterday was pretty bad as I was on my own, while the other half was at work. It was non stop from 8.30am- she slept for about an hour until daddy got home from work, where she instantly fell asleep. I honestly believe that she heard him walk through the door and said to herself ‘Quick, I’ve got to go to sleep, Daddy is home and I don’t want him to know I’ve been crying for mummy all day!’ The nap only lasted for an hour however, then we were back to square one. She went out in the car with Daddy, but that didn’t seem to do much good. Eventually, she went to sleep after a bottle and some white noise playing at 11pm. It was a good night after that. Despite her playing up in the day, it wasn’t a total right off. I met a woman on Net Mums website before Thea was born and I have been talking to her ever since. It’s great because it the middle of the night, when you’re feeding your baby and it’s the loneliest time, I now have a friend to talk to. We think it’s quite comical how we message each other at the same time every early morning, and our babies are both feeding. It’s like they plan it. Anyhow, yesterday, she came over with her baby for a couple of hours. He’s gorgeous and a little chunky monkey just like my girl. It was strange how well we got on. No first time awkwardness or anything like that, in fact it feels like we’ve been friends for years. Hopefully we can continue these meet ups in the future, and she’s not reading this thinking I’m a total weirdo, who she’s never going to contact ever again!

(Baby J)  

Actually, the past four-five nights have been good. She’s been going longer between her feeds. Usually over three and a half hours, which is a big jump from the every two hours she was having. She’s now usually sleeping from around 7.30pm-11pm, next feed at 2am and then a 5am feed. Or there abouts. It’s more routine now which is great. This morning she had her bottle at 5.45am and then didn’t wake up until 9am. WOOOHOOOO hopefully we’re starting to get some where now. I think it’s largely down to the Gaviscon- We’re definitely thinking along the line of silent reflux. It’s a shame because I don’t think that the Gaviscon is a long term fix, and they don’t grow out of it until they’re over a year old, or so I’ve read. I’ve got her booked in for her eight week jabs (WAAAAHHHH) so I shall speak to the Doctor about it then.

Wednesday was an interesting few hours. We’d had her booked in for a newborn photo shoot. We were told it was fine up to six weeks, which was good. I would have liked to have got it done when she was only a couple of weeks old, but because of all her upset and not knowing what was going on with her, neither of us thought it was fair. The shoot was a challenge, and the reflux hits when she lies on her back, but after much perseverance, I was told we got some good shots, which made me a very happy mummy. Emma, the photographer has sent us a little sneak peek. Looks at those chubby cheeks! Totally, well and truly in love with her. How can you not be?! I can’t wait to get the rest of the images sent through.

 I went out to another dental conference on Monday to the Village hotel just passed Beeston. There were a lot more people than the last and it was a very interesting day and I get CPD for being a registered dental nurse. It meant more time away from Thea, but some times I think it does us good to spend some time apart, and get her used to other people. It’s just typical that dental conferences and various appointments have all come at once. In fact I have a routine dental appointment today at my practice, but she can come with me for that one.

I’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up, meeting more friends with babies, or pregnant friends, and also my sister’s birthday is coming up. She’s making her debut in her favourite theatre production Hairspray. She got the lead part, Tracey (of course, like there was any doubt she wouldn’t), and I know she’s nervous, but she needn’t be. I’m going to see her on her birthday, the 30th, and during the day we’re going to Annie’s Burger Shack, I’ve not been before so looking forward to it. The following day is one of my favourite days. HALLOWEEN! Thea has her costume all sorted of course, and she’s totally going to hate me for it when she’s older, but oh well. Can’t wait to show you all some pictures! I’m also going for breakfast that morning to see some old friends who I haven’t seen for God knows how long. They’re all coming to watch Aston in Hairspray, which is great and it’s nice to see them support her.


Plans for tomorrow? Me and Thea are off on a double date to get a massage with Zoe at H Beautique. I’m in desperate need as my back is killing, especially after having to hold Thea so much yesterday due to all the crying. I can’t wait. Thea is then going to Nanny’s for a Saturday night sleep over and I’m going out on a date into town for some food and drinks. With my boyfriend I might add, just in case any of you were thinking other wise!


The Doctor Brown’s bottles are working a treat, she doesn’t seem to bring up as much wind now, so I definitely would recommend them to anyone that is thinking about getting them!

I’ve started my Christmas shopping now and it’s in full swing. I find this very exciting and it could literally occupy my whole day if I let it! Ten weeks to go YIPPEEEE!

Show wise, all were pretty great again, but I’m still loving How To Get Away With Murder. It’s probably my favourite at the minute. I haven’t seen Castle yet, as I can’t seem to find a good download, but I’m sure that when I watch it, the episode will be as good as the previous weeks.

Hope everyone else has had a good week. I will up date more soon 🙂