A Definite Change

Usually, I use song lyrics to title each blog I write, but for the first time since I started it, it didn’t seem fitting. As you all know, the past few weeks have become increasingly difficult. From Thea waking up for a feed every three hours, then taking an hour and a half to go back to sleep, to her screaming constantly all day. The only time she took a break was when she was sleeping, which was only for about thirty minutes at a time (in the day), she’s such a light sleeper, she continuously woke herself up. I think she did it on purpose.

As you all know, a week today, I took a trip to the doctors with Thea, and after an examination and discussion, they prescribed me some new milk for her. After reading the instructions, I pretty much think that it still contains thing’s such as protein, lactose and cow’s milk, BUT everything is already broken down, so that her digestive system doesn’t have to work to do it. I guess this is where some babies have a problem as their digestive systems aren’t that developed yet.

I can’t remember if I updated you all on the first night with the new milk. Anyway, it was 1am, she’d had a couple of bottles on the new milk and we were told it would take a few days for us to notice any difference, but the 1am feed was different. I fed her in my arms as normal in her nursery, and during her bottle I could see her eyes getting droopy. Soon enough towards the end of her feed it was clear my baby had fallen to sleep in my arms. I hadn’t seen this since this whole saga began at two weeks old. I could have cried. I quietly put her back into her Moses basket, and she didn’t even batter an eye lid. This to me was progress already, and I was so happy I went back to my bedroom and woke Troy up to tell him. Since then, the nights have greatly improved, including the length of time she has been sleeping, jumping from a mere three hours to six and a half hours. The second night it was five hours, and we both kind of woke up in a start because we didn’t know what was going on and had to rush into check on her. She was fine.

Seven good nights, I can’t believe it.

The day times were still hard, she was still grumbling all day. One morning I went out at 10.30am and didn’t get home until gone 12.45pm. I had taken her out in her push chair to try to settle her then stopped in at Dolly’s Tea Room for a drink on the way back. She dozed the whole time and loved being outside. However, as soon as I walked through the front door, she opened her eyes and scream, scream, scream.

As the week went on, it didn’t change, although the nights were good it did make me wonder why she wasn’t settling in the day. On Friday we went to play group/weigh in clinic. I knew my health visitor would be there, so she had asked to see me to check how I was doing. Thea loved it, I lay her on the floor and she was smiling, looking and listening at everything that was going on around her. I can’t believe how much her vision and other sensors have developed over the past couple of weeks. When I took her over to the health visitor, she asked how I was doing and lo and behold Thea begun to cry. I asked her it was normal at this age. I read a lot about six weeks being a peak time for crying. She said it wasn’t normal. I find this strange as so many people including several at the clinic and personal friends tell me their babies do the same. She made me an extra appointment for this Thursday, she probably thinks I’m going bonkers. Even though I’ve told her I’m so happy my night times have improved.

Thea soon settled down as I went back to where I had been sitting, she was just tired and wanted a nap. When I got home it was strange. She didn’t scream. We played on her play mat, she had some food and then had a nap in my arms on the sofa. Again, something she hasn’t done since she was about three weeks old. This continued throughout the day. It was like another big miracle. Maybe my health visitor is a lucky charm? Troy text me in the afternoon and asked me how my day had been. I told him a little white lie and said it had been awful again. I knew it would make him a little sad, but I just wanted to see the look on his face when he got home and realised we’ d had a good day.

When he arrived home, she was having a nap on me again. He walked into the living room and I had a grin as big as the Cheshire cat on my face. I think he was a bit concerned that I’d finally lost it. I explained to him what had happened and he said I was mean for making him think he was coming home to World War III again. HAHA.

These days have since continued. Hard to believe. I think Saturday was the biggest surprise as Troy could be with her for a lot of the day, so it was nice for him to spend quality time with her and actually see for himself. Play with her, interact with her and more importantly get smiles and giggles out of her. It was amazing.

She stayed at my mum’s that night, and her sleeping was a bit on/off, but perhaps because it was a change in environment. She was fine in the day. Me and Troy went to Rubs Smokehouse. It was the first time either of us have been and we wouldn’t hesitate to go again. Although it was packed solid, and the waiters were running around like headless chickens, it didn’t affect our meal. It was YUMMY! The food and drinks were great, and all in all came to about £50 which I didn’t think was too bad for the two of us in a City center restaurant. After, we came home and managed to watch the Vampire Diaries before going to bed.

The only thing we have to work on now is getting her down in the evening. She seems to cry between 7.30-9.30pm. I don’t think it’s colic because you can distract her to some extent. I think it’s just her ‘Witching Hour’ period that I’ve been told/read about. Which to be honest, I can cope with. After all, she’s come on leaps and bounds over the space of a week, so if she wants to kick off in the evening for a couple of hours, that’s fine with me.

Hopefully when I go back for a review with the doctor, he will let me keep her on this milk (Aptimil Pepti 1). They may ask me to go back to her original milk to confirm that she does need to allergy milk, but I don’t really want to upset her again. I have a happy, healthy baby at the moment and I don’t want anything to spoil that!


I thought you might want to know about our progress. Hope you’ve found it interesting!


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  1. Thea is a little beauty! Also, wanted to say you looked absolutely stunning on your night out! Hope I look half as good a few weeks after my baby pops into the world 😊 x

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  2. I’m so glad things are getting better. I can hardly imagine what it must have been like for you the last few weeks. I’m glad you and Troy are getting some quality time together too, it’s so important. You look gorgeous in that picture, even if it’s tough, motherhood obviously suits you.

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