I’ve Got That Christmas Feeling

I saw looking out of my living room window this morning. It was still relatively dark out, and I just felt so cosy cuddled up on the sofa with Thea. Suddenly I got that Christmas feeling! I can’t wait. I know we’re only at the beginning of November, but who cares? I love Christmas and everything about it. The festivity of it all. Trees, decorations, Christmas movies, presents and yummy food! This year it will be even more special because we get to celebrate it with our beautiful baby girl. She won’t know what’s going on, but I can’t wait to see her little face when she sees all the flashing lights on the Christmas tree. Gifts will be hard for her, we don’t really need much at the minute. She has enough clothes to last her through to toddlerhood! By Christmas she will hopefully be able to hold things, or grab at least. I’ve started to make her a treasure basket which I will give her for Christmas. Lots of different items in with textures and and different feels. I hope she likes it! 

I can’t wait for Creation Day either. Whats Creation Day? Some of you may ask. When I was younger, my mum and dad let my sister have a Wednesday off school, close to Christmas. They would go Christmas shopping, and the more alcohol they drunk throughout the day, the more they would call and ask us what presents we wanted!! While they were shopping, me and my sister would be at home. Making Christmas cards, wrapping fake presents for under the tree. Just generally making a mess. We still have this tradition now- minus the fake presents. We sit and watch Christmas films, make mince pies, wraps everyone’s presents up, even get creative and make the odd Christmas card. I look forward to this day every year, I can’t even remember how long we’ve done it for. At least 15 years at a guess. I’m looking forward to teaching Thea all about it one day and letting her have a naughty day off school!

I feel like I should give Halloween a mention. It has always been another favourite holiday,  it generally I prefer to celebrate it in the states when I can, although this is few and far between. The UK is becoming a little bigger at celebrating it now, but it’s still nothing on the US. This year, sadly I didn’t have time to do a pumpkin. I did, however decorate my windowsill and dress Thea up. I decided to dress her up as Sully from Monsters Inc. She looked like a boy and will totally hate me when I’m older, but not to worry? I think she looked cute. 


Last week, Aston got to perform the role of a life time as Tracy Turnblad in the production Hairspray at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham. I went to see her on the Friday night performance, which happened to be her birthday as well. I was looking forward to watching my sister play her dream role, although I’m not the biggest fan of the production and didn’t find the film overly fantastic, so I did go feeling a little sceptical. How wrong was I? Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this performance. It wasn’t just because my sister was the lead role, although it helped. Everyone who took part did a fantastic job. I loved the acting, the signing, the song choices, the storyline, the scenery. Everything. It was hilarious as well, which wasn’t surprising if my sister had anything to do with it. I couldn’t be any prouder of her and her portrayal as Tracy. If you didn’t go and see it, then you missed out well and truly. The next day after seeing it, and and Thea took a trip back into town to meet Aston, along with some friends I hadn’t seen in forever! Aston then took us to the theatre to give us a behind the scenes tour. It was great to see the theatre in a different light, and taking Thea up on the stage was a great experience. 

 (I think Thea will be taking after her aunty!) 

So what else? Thea has continued to be fit and healthy on her new milk. The doctor did state yesterday that she will need to try her old milk before Christmas to determine if it was the problem. If so, then she has to see a nutritionist, which I don’t really want, so I’m hoping that she will have grown a bit in the past few weeks and will be okay on the original milk. She was a bit niggly over the weekend, not sleeping as much at night, but the amount of milk she was consuming, I assume she’s having a growth spurt! I need to get her weighed this coming Friday to make sure she is gaining on her new milk okay. 

Yesterday she had her 8 week jabs. She did so well, with minimal crying. I was a very proud mummy. It definitely traumatised me more than it did her. She has been okay so far with side effects. A bit upset last night, but once she got to sleep, she was out for nine hours. Her longest yet! 

I’m finding it easier to get out of the house now she’s not screaming constantly. We’ve been out for walks, coffee shop visits, into town. I still feel slightly isolated because of not having access to a car. I’m quite limited on the places I can get to, but walking is fun and it gets us out of the house. 

What else, what else… It’s officially my birthday month. I’m not overly fussed. Not  because I’m hitting my thirties, just because I genuinely get more excited about Christmas/Halloween etc. I think I’m going to ask for money this year so I can put it toward my convention ticket. 

Shows- top runners are the same as always. The only shows I’m not overly loving are criminal minds, NCIS la, scream queens and possibly the Flash. How to get away with murder is still a firm favourite. The others I couldn’t really decide between!

I can’t think of anything else for now. I’ll add it in if I do xx