Just when you thought everything was going well…

Dear diary, it’s been two weeks since my last entry. (Sorry I couldn’t help myself). I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, everyday in my diary seems to be booked up with something. Meeting friends, taking Thea out etc. I like it, it keeps me occupied and it means I’m not stuck in the house everyday. Thea had settled really well on the new milk. She was sleeping at night, waking a maximum of two times for a feed, and during the day was great too. I wasn’t afraid to take her out anymore, not now she was settled and if she had a crying fit, the so be it. 

 We went on a family outing to Colwick Christmas Market on the 7th. What a shambles. The parking was horrendous. People had been allowed to block off a two way road, so people couldn’t get out of the venue, they were literally stuck there. I wasn’t supposed to pay for Thea’s ticket in the first place, but the website didn’t state that under 3’s were free. When we eventually got in, the lady said she was too young to see Santa. What the frack! We were supposed to get a mince pie and hot chocolate with the ticket, but the queue was so long we didn’t bother. There weren’t 200 stalls there and only around 1/4 I would say we’re actually Christmas related. So that was the end of that. 

The night before me and the boyfriend went to my dads house for a small bonfire party, while my mum watched Thea. It was a good night, and the fireworks were really nice, although I think my dad spends far to much money on them! 

I’ve also been to see my osteopath. As most of you know, I have a bad back anyway, and holding the Pork Chop hadn’t helped, so there was lots of back and neck cracking in the session. It was so painful! 

Do as you’ve noticed from the title of my blog entry this week, good things don’t last forever. Two nights last week, Thea screamed for an hour when it came to bed time. I mean, normally she puts up a fight, but it’s not been this bad in a long time. During the Wednesday day time, she didn’t seem too happy and the Thursday was even worse. Lots of crying, very clingy, her skin flared up and red patches, so I called the doctors as she hasn’t eaten much either, which was of course a little worrying. I decided to take her out for the day to get some fresh air, so we went up to my feral practice in the morning, followed by baby massage. This was really good, and even though I’ve only been once, I can tell I’ve already made some nice friends. I couldn’t do anything with Thea as they ask you not to participate is they are unwell, have a skin condition which hasn’t been seen by a doctor and if they are asleep. Thea was all three! It was still good to watch though, and the information they provided after was very helpful. Hopefully she’ll get to have a go this week if she stays awake long enough! After that it was time for the doctors. 

To cut a long story short, the doctor decided it was her milk allergy and the milk she was on (Aptimil pepti 1) wasn’t working for her. He prescribed some new milk along with a steroid cream to tackle her skin. We put the scream on that night, and my god she scream the poor little thing. It obviously burned her because her skin was so sore. It didn’t settle down until today. I put some on this morning and luckily no tears. The milk we’re on. Ow focuses on hydrolysing the cows milk, and also contains pro biotics. It’s a little strange making up these bottles as we have to boil the water, put it into her bottle and let it go to room temperature before adding her powder. Hopefully this will work, because I really don’t want this to go on for years. All I know at the minute is that it makes her poo well! Around seven times in twenty-four hours. Definitely not normal and not something I enjoy either! Despite being so poorly, my ten week old baby still gives her mummy the best smiles!

What else have I been up to? I went to Dolly’s on Saturday with mum, Aston and Troy. They were celebrating being open for a year, so it was 241 on their afternoon tea. Yum yum. I also think I’ve won a competition with them, although it’s not been announced yet, so I’ll let you know! 

Yesterday, me and Troy along with Thea went to East Midlands Outlet. It was okay I guess, but I feel like you’ve got to know what you’re going for. I didn’t get anything for myself, Troy got a coat from super dry and we got all of Thea’s Christmas clothes from the Next outlet. I can’t wait to show her off in them!

I’ve bought Thea a little mat with a roll on to help her with her tummy time. She loves it and is getting stronger each day. I find it so funny to watch her try and roll, even though she’s only 10 weeks old! Her favourite toy however is still that damn survival blanket all cut up! Can’t get it off of her!   

Just a quick note about people. God I’ve come across some mardy selfish ones lately. I’m doing my best, trying to be friendly, thinking we may have things in common, and they can’t even give me the time of day! I’m not going to go in to anymore detail or name names, but if you think this is about you, then it probably is. 


2 thoughts on “Just when you thought everything was going well…”

  1. She’s just such a cutie-pie ❤ I wonder what it is about that survival blanket thing she loves? Does it make a crinkly noise? I know babies like different textures so maybe that's it?


    1. Yes! It makes a crinkly noise and obviously it’s quite shiny! I honestly think it’s going to become a comfort blanket, instead of an actual blanket! I can’t wait to make her a treasure basket for Christmas, I think it will be so much better for her, and really don’t think she’ll be interested in all of these plastic toys just yet.


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