It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Happy December the 1st everyone! So excited that Christmas a finally on its way. I know I was excited about it in November, but now I’m actually allowed to be excited about it… Yippeeee. I put my Christmas tree up on Sunday, just about managing to find space for it. God knows what I’ll do next year! Thea doesn’t seem bothered by it, but compared to my house, my mums house it’s like Santas Grotto, so safe to say I think she prefers it there. 

On top of that, my little baby is now 12 weeks old. Nearly three months! Where has the time gone and where has my little baby gone? I can no longer call her a new born. It’s so upsetting! I need to sort out her 3-6 month clothes out, she’s so long, it probably won’t be long until she’s in 6-9. I’ve put her against other babies that are a few weeks or more older than her and she’s a couple of inches longer!  She’s still on Nutramigen milk, touch wood it’s seems to have settled her again. It’ll be four weeks this Saturday since she’s been on it, although of course it could still all go tits up. It’s how allergies work. She’s still got a bit of eczema on her face, but most of it is on the side she sleeps on, so I need to start alternating her when I put her to bed. I’ve got three different creams to use so I think together, they keep it at bay. I’m a little worried about her weight gain on this milk. It’ll be four weeks on Friday since she’s been weighed, but I would say over all she’s drinking a bottle less than she did. In 24 hours she’s having 5 bottles adding up to about 30 ounces but she never finishes a bottle. I guess she’ll only consume what she needs, but I’ll see what the health visitors say in reguards to her past weight gain. 

Again it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Baby massage has been great, finally last week she actually tolerated some of it. I was a bit dubious as it was a back massage, which meant she had to tolerate tummy time. It couldn’t have gone any better! She loved being on her front looking at all the other babies, and it was he first time I’ve heard her laugh so much. The whole class was laughing, and I was pretty much crying with laughter. At least if she doesn’t like a massage on her front, she loves one on her back! Here she is enjoying some tummy time and watching football with Daddy. 

She’s really starting to roll now. She did it on Sunday evening, from her back onto her front, then onto her back again. She cried, like she has done before- I think it must be the shock! She hasn’t done it since, but is constantly rolling from her back onto her side and is just laying there. Such a proud mummy, and to say she’s only 12 weeks I’m over the moon! I have no doubt that she’ll be fully rolling by Christmas and will finally be able to go into her cot. She also love to sit up. Not that she can do it unaided, but I just hold her hands and she happily sits there. She just wants to try everything, and grab at everything. It’s so exciting to see her develop. 

At night, she’s generally doing very well. A few times she will grumble and one of us will get up to put her dummy in for her, which usually gives us another hour. She’s only having one feed a night, although it’s not a set time. Normally between 2-5am. After that she goes back to sleep until 8am. I’ve got into a great routine with her now during the day, and I know what time she has her feeds etc so it’s easy to plan stuff now.  

She had her 12 week jabs yesterday, they weren’t as bad as last time, although still not pleasant. She was normal through the night, well actually she had two bottles, so I think it made her peckish. She’s been napping on me for the past hour and 15 minutes, so I think they’re catching up with her now. 

On November 20th I celebrated my 30th birthday and boy did good. He booked a surprise meal out with family and friends, along with a weekend away at a beautiful cabin at Sherwood Pines. Underfloor heating and hot tub included. I’ve not been before, so was really excited and it didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to go again, hopefully over the summer so we can enjoy some family walks in the sun. 

 I’ve tried to get on with some online Christmas shopping- done what I can but I think I’ve got to go into town and finish off, so will go with one of the besties on he 14th. I’ve got creation day on the 7th as well, so I’m excited about that!  

I also won the competition at Dollys Tea Room, so thanks to everyone that voted. I really appreciate it. I’ve won a years supply of afternoon tea for two (limited to one a month). I’m really excited to have one it. Nothing I like better than a bit of free cake!


If I think of anything else I’ll, add it in, but for now, that’s it!