Another year over (Well, almost)

We’re not quite out of 2015 yet, but just about. What a whirlwind this month has been, never mind about the whole year!

In the last blog I wrote, Thea had just turned 12 weeks. She’s 16 weeks now, almost 17, I really can’t believe it! Time really is flying so fast, of course you want your baby to progress and learn new skills, but at the same time it’s very upsetting. To think back at how small she was, and now she seems huge. At her last weigh in, she had hit the stone mark! 

Like most of you, December was extremely busy for us. We were sad to have our last baby massage session, but I know that we’ll keep in touch with the girls and see them most weeks at baby group anyway. We’re also going swimming with the babies each Thursday, I’ve got Thea’s pink wetsuit ready, I can’t wait! 

I had my works Christmas party on the 5th. I won’t discuss the company, but the venue was nice and the food was above average. We had it at Pitcher & Piano, but until now I didn’t realise they did food. I would recommend it to anyone. Decent portion sizes and we got a glass of Presseco as well. I was home and in bed for 11.30. That’s how well it went.

I had a much better night out with the girls. We went to Pizza Express in west bridgford, followed by a drink or two in Fire & IceMe and Aston had our Creation Day, although, nowadays most of it is spent wrapping presents. To be honest, I don’t care what we do, it’s just the nice tradition of spending time together. 

The 11th of December was Sure Starts Christmas party. We had purchased tickets a week before after the lady messed us around. I was mad as we almost didn’t get tickets, do to the event selling out. Thank Goodness we got the last ones. I think we all had a good time, despite it being really noisy! It will of course be better when the babies are older, but it was nice and they got to meet Santa! We didn’t have tears from anyone!




I’ve also met up with a lot of friends that haven’t had a chance to meet Thea yet. I’m so fortunate to know people like this, and appreciate all the gifts they give us. They’re not necessary, but it’s a nice feeling to know people care and want to buy your baby gifts. 

On the 20th, we went on our annual trip to Darley Dale in Matlock. (Me, Troy, Thea, Mum, Dad, Aston, Nana, Teresa and Astons friend Lizzy, or should I call her Izzy?) It’s something I’ve been doing for around 18 years, and again another Christmas tradition.  We lister ally ride up and down the track in an old steam train, while having a 3 course Christmas dinner, listening to festive songs and having a good time. I was worried about taking Thea, as there isn’t baby changing on the train and I thought the balloons may scare her, but she was so well behaved and we got plenty of smiles from her. Luckily, she waited until we were coming back and driving up Carlton Hill before she decided to do a big poo!

The week before Christmas I was really poorly. I managed to catch the flu, which will be the first time since I started getting the flue jab about 10 years ago! It was a more mild strain, but I sill felt like I was dying. Troy had to take an afternoon off of work as I felt like I couldn’t look after Thea, which terrified me. I’m just glad it wasn’t full blown as I’m certain o would have ended up in hospital. 

Troy has been off work since the 18th of December and it’s been great having him home. We’ve pretty much shared the night feeds, taken it in turns to have a lay in, and more than anything, he’s been able to spend his days with Thea, which has been important for them to have the time to bond. It’s also given me a chance to have a good sort out. I’ve packed up the clothes I’m keeping and they’re ready to go up into the attic along with the Christmas decorations. I know, I know, how can I take them down so soon, it’s only the 30th! Normally, I wouldn’t take them down until the New Year, but I think all you mums with a young baby would agree, that when you’ve got shit like Jumperoos, bouncers, gyms and God knows what else lying around, you definitely need the space! Even without the tree we don’t have enough room, but I guess no matter how big your house is, you could always do with a little more. 

We did a few family things during the run up to Christmas. Went to Wheatcrofts, went out on a few walks and lunches. Even if we stayed at home, it was just nice to spend time together and snuggle down! 


This Christmas Eve, we decided to break the family tradition of going out for a family meal and stayed in. We can’t really justify breaking Thea’s routine and forcing her to stay up later, it’s not fair on her, not fair on us and not fair on the people that will have to endure her screaming because she’s tired. Instead, I made us all Christmas Eve boxes- a new family tradition, so once Thea was in bed in her new pyjamas, we got into ours and snuggled down with a film, hot chocolate and gingerbread. It was great!

Christmas Day and Boxing Day were a bit of a whirlwind. Thea wasn’t too happy either days and had inconsolable crying fits, which isn’t like her. We’ve come to the conclusion she could be teething. She’s always sticking her hands in her mouth, drooling (yes I know now all babies drool, but this is soaking through a bib and two layers of clothes). Because she’s swallowing so much drool, it’s making her poop quite mucos like. I’ll mention it to the health visitor, but it’s not continuous and doesn’t have any blood so I’m not too worried. So also gets flushed cheeks. I believe all of the above of signs of teething. I may be wrong, and she could have just been having a bad day. She doesn’t overly enjoy being around loads of people, and doesn’t like being passed from person to person. She’s a grumpy sod and gets over stimulated very easily in that kind of environment. 

Since then she hasn’t been too bad. We’ve been using a Dentinox teething gel which seems to do her some good, and she got a Sophie Girafe for Christmas, so she’s always shoving that in her mouth, along with various other items. The only thing we’ve noticed is in the past few weeks, she’s started to be more sick than she normally is. Again, I’ll speak to the health visitor as we’re praying it’s not her milk. 

We also had to do a lot of travelling around to various peoples houses. I don’t mind a bit of give and take, but a lot of the time it seems to be one sided. This year I can get away with it as Thea has no clue what’s going on, but next year she’ll be more aware, so Christmas morning next year shall be spent in my own house, and we’ll go out for dinner like we normally do. If people want to come and see us, then they are more than welcome, the more the merrier. If not, then tough, we will be available at various times in the week running up to Christmas. 

I’ve just purchased a few books so I can research ready for weaning in the next few weeks. They say no younger than 17 weeks, but ideally 6 months. I won’t be waiting until then. Call me a bad parent or whatever, but we were all weaned before 6 months and we live to tell the tale. I’m looking forward to it, I probably won’t be saying that in a few weeks, but going to give it my best shot at making foods up fresh, rather than relying on jars all the time. Not that I will bad mouth anyone using jars all the time, but I like to cook and I would rather no what my baby is eating. 

Thea has stopped napping on us now, which is good. We can just put her on the sofa and she’ll fall to sleep. I eventually will put her upstairs to sleep, but I don’t want her to think she needs silence to sleep. Downstairs, I keep the T.V on, move around etc. Tonight is also the first night in her cot! Much to people’s disagreement (I’m sure) we’ve decided a concoction to keep her on her side (with room to roll on her back) it’s the only way she will do it. There is no other way to prop her on her side, and although she will sleep on her front, I don’t want to put her down on her front. So this is he only way, end of. She went down at half 7, and we haven’t heard a peep out of her yet (famous last words). We’ve been up twice to check on her, and she’s fine. On her back now, dummy out. Joy. 

 What else, what else… She’s got a new Mamas & Papas seat snug, which she’s liking and it’s helping her to sit up, or rather letting her sit up without me holding her. She got some new toys for Christmas which she loves and I made her a treasure basket- she can’t use it properly yet, but already enjoys playing/eating some of the items in it. Oh and I’ve ordered a new light weight buggy. YAY!


Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough for now. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a fabulous New Year xx