Recipe for a mum on the go…

I’ve decided that one of my ‘intentions’is to try and cook more from scratch. I cook a lot of meat and always put in fresh veg etc, but then I do cheat and use a jar of sauce whether it’s a pasta bake or a chillie. The idea is that most of the recipes I’m going to be trying are very quick and simple to make. I’m sure you all know how hard it is to find time to cook a healthish meal when you’ve got a demanding baby that wants your attention! 

I especially want to do it as we will be weaning Thea soon (we’ve actually already had a go) and I would prefer to know what’s going into the meals, rather than all the shit that comes from a jar. Some of these recipes won’t be suitable for her until she’s older, but I just wanted to share my new food adventure with you all, then you can decide if it’s suitable for your baby or not (maybe the ingredients will just need tweeking slightly) 

So the first recipe I’ve done is jacket potato- a different take. 


X 4 potatoes. You can use white baking or sweet potato. I did a mixture of both. 

X 3 tbsp of olive oil

Chives or spring onion

Grated cheese


1: Preheat the oven to 200/400f

2: Wash the potatoes and cut in half length ways

3: Place foil or baking paper on a baking tray. Add the olive oil and salt. 

4: Rub the cut side of the potato into the oil/salt and make sure it’s coated. Repeat with all potato halves. 

5: Bake for an hour

6: Take out the oven and carefully use a fork to fluff the top of the potato. You don’t want to scrape it all out like you would for a loaded potato, but it will have that effect. 

7: Add a sprinkle of cheese to eat as desired, then add chives or Spring onion. I used Spring onion this time. You can use other things such as chorizo or cooked bacon bits

8: Place back in the oven until the cheese is melted

9: Take out the oven and plate up! I had mine tonight with a salad. Yummy!



This took me 10 minutes to prep the potatoes, baking tray and salads, and a couple of minutes to fluff and add the cheese. The rest of the time was just the potatoes cooking!