Milk allergy & teething nightmares. Advice?

Both of the above seem to be mingling into one. I spoke to the health visitor as for the past four/five weeks, Thea has started to be sick. Sometimes it’s just a little spit up after winding, which is fine. Other times is projectile vomiting three hours after she’s had a bottle. The health visitor said that because the allergy milk isn’t as thick, then she may have reflux again. 

She spoke to me about challenging the milk. Something we have avoided up until now as it seems cruel. However, I know the doctors won’t continue to prescribe the milk unless we challenge the allergy. She’s also had mucus in her poops and being sick clear fluid. Unfortunately the health visitor advised that this could be the allergy milk starting to disagree with her, or is could be from teething. I guess since she’s producing so much saliva and then swallowing it, it can’t be digested, so it’s got to come out some where. Anyone had any experience with this? 

So, the day before yesterday the milk challenging began. I substituted one ounce of her allergy milk for normal Aptimil formula. I did the same yesterday. I took her for her first swimming lesson yesterday, and to be fair, she normally screams when you undress/dress her, but this was more Han screaming, she was hysterical. This continued into the pool and wasn’t pleasant for anyone. I was drained. Although she had been groggy through teething, I knew that this was more than that. 

Today I altered the milk again and this time out in two ounces of the Aptimil milk. She had three feeds and cried during/after each one, then cried more or less all afternoon. Poor baby, we knew she had a milk allergy and it seems such a cruel way to have to confirm it. She needed a lot of cuddles and dozing. I called the health visitor and she told me to put her back on her allergy milk right away and that we would be referred to a dietician. Hallelujah!

We’re having trouble with the teething as well. How do you knowing they are for sure?! She’s drooling- that much we know. Soaking through her bin and two layers of clothing. Chewing on her hands, my hands or anything she can shove in her mouth. Dentinox teething gel soothes her a lot! Flushed cheeks, and like I said above, mucus in her poop and throwing up clear liquid. When I look at her gums, or attempt to, they seem white at the base and them on the surface, there are two small dints shall we say, where her two teeth will eventually come through, although I can’t feel anything. What are everyone else’s experiences with teething? Does any of this sound familiar? Advice would be appreciated. 

She’s putting on weight great. The health visitor was very happy at her 15lb08oz which is good to hear, I thought she may have fallen into 16lbs, but I guess there is always next time!