Recipe for a mum on the go… 

A couple of nights ago I decided to cook us a chicken breast, with roasted new patatas & chorizo bravas with aïoli served with asparagus. I know, sounds a bit fancy pants right? And definitely something that might take a while to cook? Well it doesn’t! The potatoes take the longest at 30 minutes, the rest you can do in between as long as you’re organised. The chicken takes 21 minutes (very precise) and the sauce for the potatoes takes about 15 minutes. 

So, to start with you’ll need around 300g of baby/new/Charlotte potatoes. The recipe calls for 500g but that’s if you want it as a starter or a snack. Easy peasy, preheat the oven at 200c (fan). Half/quarter the potatoes (they definitely cook quicker). Season with salt & pepper and drizzle with a generous amount of olive oil (I use Tesco’s own). Bang them in the oven and leave for 30 minutes. The recipe does stipulate 20, but for me, they’ve never cooked in 20. 

While the potatoes are doing, you can make a start on your chicken. Make sure the chicken breast are pretty even. I usually wrap them in foil or cling film and  give them a good beating with a wooden rolling pin, or a heavy jar (be careful, they try to make a run for it). Season both sides with salt & pepper.  Preheat a pan with a bit of oil on medium/high heat, then place both chicken breast in the pan for one minute, just to give one side some colour. Turn the breast over and place a tight fitting lid on and leave for 10 minutes. Don’t peak, or lift the lid! Make sure at this point you turn the heat down to medium. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat and leave for another 10 minutes, and again, don’t peak! Just trust! After that, you can take them out of the pan. They’ll be so juicy, I promise! 

While your chicken is cooking, the sauce is up next- here are the ingredients and recipe for it… 


When you’ve got 5 minutes to go, boil the asparagus in a pan of water and you’re done!

Like I said, if you’re organised, then it shouldn’t take more than 30/40 minutes. If you get a spare 5 minutes in the day, you can always cut your potatoes and get all of your ingredients out ready, this is what I tend to do. 

Please let me know if you make it and what you think of it. We think it’s yummy!