Recipe for a mum on the go…

Today’s very quick recipe is Salmon pasta. I’m actually really surprised that I eat it. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fussy eater, but in the past couple of years or so, I have tried to become a bit more adventurous and try new foods. This includes cooked Salmon. Yum yum (I don’t think I’m quite ready for smoked salmon yet!)

This recipe is really quick and really simple. It takes as long as it takes for the pasta to cook.


-Salmon fillet x 2 (I buy frozen)
-100g peas (I use frozen)
-Mushroom x 2 small
-Onion x 1
-Double cream (Around 250ml)
-Small amount of grated cheese
-Salt & pepper to taste

Cook enough pasta for two of you and just follow the instructions on the packet, although I’m sure you all know how to chuck some pasta in a pan.

Cook the peas also in a separate pan, these should only take 5 minutes.

While the pasta is cooking, heat up a frying pan with a small amount of oil. Cook the onion and mushroom for a few minutes until it has softened. Add in the peas, salmon (which should have been chopped into small chunks) and the cream. If you want it to be really creamy, then by all means add in more, less creamy, don’t put as much in! This should take just over five minutes to cook on a gentle heat, stirring so the cream doesn’t clot.

You’re done! Drain the pasta, mix in the sauce and give in a good stir adding in the salt and pepper to taste. Plate it up and grate a bit of cheese over it, adding a bit of parsley for decoration. Enjoy!