Welcome, to the Furchester. 

I can never get the Furchester theme tune out of my head. When I sing to her, mainly to keep her entertained whilst changing her nappy, this is always the first one, and it always gets a smile. I also mumble a variety of other CBeebies songs which include, but are not limited to, Postman Pat, Octonouts, Peter Rabbit & Kate & Mim. I annoy myself, so God knows how everyone else copes. 

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written a blog. I guess I’ve been bogged down with a number of things. Not just a baby, but life in general! 

Thea is really active at the minute and is hitting so many milestones. Her main one is rolling- this kid rolls everywhere. From her back to her front, her front to her back. In the morning I’ll leave her on the changing mat, and let’s just say, I cannot have a wee in peace! She loves to be on her front, however, she gets very agitated as at five months, she is trying her very hardest to crawl, but clearly gets frustrated when she can’t. It won’t be long, I just know it. 

She almost sitting up unaided, but not quite. She can do it for probably a minute or so, and has started to put her hand out when she begins to wobble over, so agin, I don’t think it will be too long. 

The struggle with her milk allergy continues, so we decided to wean her. We did try at 17 weeks, but she wasn’t interested. I tried every few days until she was, and she hasn’t looked back since. She has three meals a day, and certainly loves her food. I believe at my last blog she was 15lbs08oz & 5 weeks later she’s weighing in at 17lbs06oz- nearly an increase of 2lbs! So, despite the fact she has dropped a feed (thank God) she’s gaming nicely. She’s still getting her recommended 20oz, but in my opinion, the less she has the better. I was under the impression that the doctors had referred her to the dietician back in January, but the doctors messed up & it’s only just been sorted. Bit annoyed to say the least, but hey ho, what can you do?

This week has been a tough week. Her teething has come back with a vengeance. She’s been chewing on anything and everything & her gums have gone very white on the surface, so I’m praying it won’t be long until we get her first lower anterior teeth coming through. She’s been very grumpy & clearly in a bit of pain, but we’ve done our best. We managed to get out of the house for a couple of much needed cups of teas, which was great. It’s difficult because you feel so down & tired, you don’t want to leave the house, but the more you don’t leave the house the worse you feel. 

She’s been wanting her night feeds earlier. Around midnight/1am. Probably due to her feeds altering during weaning, but for some reason, the night terrorist has decided that 5.30am is a wonderful time to get up everyday- draining! Sometimes I can get her back to sleep in my bed, sometimes I can’t. Even if I do get her back to sleep, I don’t go back to sleep. Typical. 

This week I went to the library for a song-song. It’s only for half an hour, alternate Friday’s, but Thea really enjoys it. It’s 0-3years, and is mainly of the latter age, but they’re all so considerate of her, and even like to give her a music instrument to shake, or in her case, eat! It’s just the right length of time as well with it being a half hour, she doesn’t get bored and smiles when we all sing. I look forward to this every other week! On the other alternate  Friday’s, I still continue to go to baby group to get her weighed & to speak to the health visitor, which I always seem to need to do! 

Usually I take her swimming on Thursdays, but it hasn’t been on due to the half term. However, I’m not sure I’m going back as she doesn’t seem to enjoy it. I find it strange as she loves nothing more in the evening than having a bath & playing with her toys, but in the pool she screams. It’s very traumatising for both of us & I feel like it drains the life out of me. Perhaps she would be better if I took her own toys to keep her occupied? Either way, I’m not going to force it. I didn’t have baby swimming lessons as a child & I went on to swim & complete for a club. These lessons nowadays are just something to do more than anything, I don’t actually believe they help the babies to learn any quicker. I think I’ll probably go just the three of us, and see if she’s better not in a lesson environment. Fingers crossed! 

She’s begun to blow raspberries, which is amusing, that is until she has a mouthful of food & it gets sprayed over your face! I also have a constant battle to change her nappy, due to the fact she’s rolling. My God it’s hard work! I feel like I end up holding her up by one leg, while the other hand is cello taping the damn thing on!! Dribble- don’t even talk to me about dribble! I have to wash at least ten bibs a day. So gross!!! 


Other things that aren’t baby related- me & Troy went to London for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. He had got me Lion King tickets as a Christmas present, so we just booked one night in a hotel, so we could do some shopping & sight seeing. The Lion King was amazing. I really loved it & I would definitely recommend it to anyone & go back to see it again! It was a lovely little weekend away ❤️

After I went to Eden Hall- which was amazing by the way, I decided to find a local Clubbercise class. I now go every Thursday (transport permitted as my car is broke) and it’s great! I love doing the exercise and it gives me a lot of self satisfaction. However, my body in general is not doing so good. I’ve got constant back ache, and my knees during the night are so painful, I can barely get up out of bed. Hopefully as I lose more weight & attempt to get some form of fitness back, my body may recover. But who knows if it ever truly recovers after giving birth to a human! 

Anyway, off to catch up on my shows now. Really enjoying the 100, the Chicago’s. How To Get Away With Murder has just started back up, so I’m expecting that to be back on form very soon. I was enjoying the Originals, but Cami as a vampire? Meh! I wish she’d just die already. I am however looking forward to seeing Stefan in New Orleans! What’s everyone else watching? I bulked watched Daredevil- great show. I’m watching Shadow Hunters, which is watchable & ive just started on Orphan Black. No idea what it’s about yet!