Charity Shop Bargains 

I love a good old charity shop bargain, and I can’t be doing with people who turn their noses up at it. Yes, I can afford to buy my child brand new toys, but I don’t. Why? Because it’s a waste of money. Thea plays with hers for about five minutes, then she’s onto the next toy. That’s not to say for Christmas and her birthday her presents will be from the charity shop- of course we’ll buy her new stuff, but on q day to day basis, toy wise, I love to go charity shop hunting. 

There are a couple of good ones up on Carlton Hill, and most of the toys never looked like they’ve been touched. Others might need a quick wipe, but who cares. 

So, here are a few of my charity shop bargains and what the original price was if I could find it.

 Vtech- First Steps Baby Walker. This cost around £25 brand new. I picked it up for £2.50 because the phone is missing. I didn’t even notice, and Thea definitely doesn’t notice. You can take the white panel off of the front, which is great. 

These little balls all make different noises, and Thea loves to roll them across the floor and crawl after them. We got six all together for £2.50

Chad Valley Trumpet. I couldn’t find this particular instrument so I assume it has been discontinued. The drum sells at £10, so I assume this was a similar price? I got it for £1.50

Light & Sound Drum. £15 brand new from ELC. I paid £1.50

Vtech- Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball      There are a few different types that start at £15.99 and go up to £25. We got this for £2.50

I’m not sure what you call this, but I’ve seen them in B&M Bargains for £6/7. I think I got this for £1.99


So when I work out costs, we’re at least £60 better off, which means I’ve got £60 extra to spend on something else for her. 

This isn’t to mention all of the books I’ve purchased for her. On average spending 50p per book instead of the RRP £6.99. We can’t wait for her to be a little book worm! 

So yes, the next time  you go by a charity shop, don’t turn your nose up, go inside and have a look at what bargains you can grab!