A hard time again. 

I think since having Thea, I must have aged at least 20 years. Maybe it’s time to start looking into some Botox or maybe I can start small with a Derma Roll or something. 
Thea hasn’t been right for over two weeks now. At first she was grumpy in the day, and then her nights declined to the point where she cried all night and I had to lay on the sofa with her, watching the Furchester Hotel at 1am. At the minute, we’re putting it down to teething. Normally I can get my finger in to rub Dentinox on her gums, but not at the minute. She clamps her mouth cut as soon as she sees me coming (which is one reason it makes me think it’s her teeth). When she cries, I can get a little look, and her gums do look like they are changing and I think they look a bit sore.  
Myself and Troy are utterly exhausted. She cries frequently in her sleep at night. Between 11-1am is the worse time. She might be up 4 or 5 times. She’s then been sleeping until 3am, having a bottle. Back to sleep until 5.30am and then it’s on/off from there until she gets up. This has been happening for 13 nights. May I add that it is a painful and upset cry, as opposed to a pratting around, I don’t want to sleep cry. We just don’t know what to do. If it is her teeth, there is nothing we can do until hey make an appearance. I did say I’m going to get some forceps and dig them out myself. I was only partially joking. We give her Ashton & Parsons teething powder twice a day, which at first appeared to make a difference, but personally I think she’s got used to it now. Like I said it’s a constant battle to get anything else in her mouth- Dentinox, Anbesol, Calpol etc. 
Suggestions & advice are very much welcome, but I suspect that the answers will be ‘ride it out’
After the first awful night, we went to Richard Herrod weigh in clinic as its a very big group, and normally she loves it, so after a shitty night I thought it would cheer her up. Once she had been weighed, she screamed and cried and was inconsolable for the 45 minutes that I was there. I was so tired, I sat and cried with her. Luckily, I wasn’t alone. I had two of the support workers sitting with me, trying to calm Thea and just have a chat with me, and two of my friends with their babies. Thank God for actual friends and people that care. She wouldn’t settle so in the end, we left and as soon as we were outside she stopped screaming and settled. 
On Sunday morning she was sick. A lot, which we found strange as she has been doing so well at keeping her milk down lately. I also felt horrendous. Coincidence? No- the dreaded Norovirus hit. Sunday morning for Thea and Monday evening for both me and Troy. Troy had already gone to bed and I was trying to get Thea ready for bed at 7pm while feeling horrendously sick. Then it hit. Thea was on the sofa, so I couldn’t leave her, I had no choice but to grab the bin. On the plus side, Thea thought me puking my guts up was the funniest thing she had ever seen and began to lush, quite manically I might add. What a little weirdo. At least something cheered her up. 

I decided to stay on the sofa last night. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep, so pretty much watched TV all night, in between barfing. Watching 2 Broke Girls at 3am ain’t half bad. Thea didn’t want any milk, so I somehow crawled up the stairs and attempted to dream feed her at 9pm. She had 5oz then another 3oz at 5am so I was satisfied with her fluid intake. However, today she has only had 2oz of milk since her 5am feed. I spoke to my health visitor and she said give her solids if she can keep them down as milk sits heavy on her tummy. A complete opposite of what 111 told me last night when I called. I’ve also offered her water every 10/15 minutes which she was quite happy to take. She hasn’t had a huge amount but she has had wet nappies (not as much as normal) so I’m certain she’s not dehydrated. I will dream feed her at 9pm again tonight. 
So, all the above are the things that are exhausting us at the moment. I do have some good things to report however, and I apologise if you’re on my Facebook as you get regular updates already! Mid March at 6 months Thea started to crawl commando style. A couple of weeks after and she started to crawl on all fours- at 7 months. She can also push herself up from crawling into a sitting position now as well. On top of all that, she can now pull herself up into a standing position. Not unaided of course, but whatever she can get her hands on. The sofa, coffee table, even the jumperoo. I have to be there constantly incase she falls, which happens quite often at the moment, but we couldn’t be happier with her development thus far and are both really proud of her. Next thing we know, she’ll be walking. My little baby is growing up far too quickly. I love her more and more each day. She’s such a little personality. 

I couldn’t have coped these past few months without a lot of people, least of all my mum. I get sad that due to my parents splitting up when I was younger, and me staying with my dad, plus her shift work that I’ve missed out on spending time with her over the years. But now, due to shift changes, I get to spend a lot more time with her, which I love- and of course Thea loves spending time with her nanny. Love you mummy ❤️ 


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