Mummy had a Daiquiri 

During my last blog I spoke about Thea’s sleeping routine, which was pretty much non existent. Each night she would wake at best every two hours, but certainly for the first portion of the night (10-1am) it would be at best hourly. I felt myself slowly going insane in the day time, it would take me a good few hours to wake up, especially when I get up at 5.30/6am. The only thing I could do which would seem to bring me down to earth, would be to go out for a nice walk. Sometimes it would be a mile or so, and sometime it would be five miles, depending on the weather of course!

A few weeks on, and we have seen slight improvement. For some reason she’s wanting an early night need- around 1am. Generally I find she sleeps better if she has a 4am feed. She used to sleep straight through until this point 7pm-4am. It was great. On her good nights she seems to have gone back to her old routine. We don’t hear from her until her feed, back to sleep, a grumble around 4am and back to sleep until 6.30am. The bad nights are still bad. We put her down at 7.15pm tonight and already we’ve been upstairs four times because she’s stirring a lot. It doesn’t bode well for the rest of the evening. 

We both know that sleep regressions happen and can continue to happen for several weeks, however, Troy was again reading about milestones inferring with sleep cycles. She pulls herself up well now, and cruises across furniture (not perfectly!) and is even trying to stand unaided at 8 months! Apparently it’s programmed into their brains that they must always practise standing, even when they don’t want to, so during the night when she stirs and starts to wake, she’s automatically pulling herself up because her brain is telling her she must do it. Once she’s standing she’s fully awake and it’s much harder to get her back down again. If this is the reason, I’m not sure when it will end? When she can stand unaided? God, roll on that day! 

We still haven’t got any teeth, much to all of our annoyances, but she’s been so forward with everything else- her rolling, crawling, standing, that we can’t get too mad because she has no teeth at eight months, right?! 

She still hits about 20oz of milk a day which is good, but she prefers solid foods and although she’s hungry for milk, she cries when you try to shove the bottle near her. Maybe it irritates her gums, maybe it’s her allergy. Who knows. Everything is a guessing game with this stuff. 

On a personal level, I’ve had to skip netball the past couple of weeks through illness and tirdness. I’ve managed to keep up with my Clubbercise classes and had a few compliments lately about weight loss which is always nice. I’m still in a bit of pain with my vitamin D deficiency, but I have noticed a difference. I’ve also had some bloods taken again as apparently, if you take vitamin D tablets, you can become calcium D deficient. Fantastic. 

I went out last night into town, which I haven’t done in ages- I’m pretty sure I haven’t been in since being pregnant. I wore the wrong shoes which ended up in my feet being covered in blisters the size of my child’s head. Despite how vacant I was, and not drinking much, (although I did have a strawberry daiquiri) I did have a good time. It’s just when you’re as tired as I am, I find it hard to keep a conversation, especially when my head feels so foggy all the time with a constant headache. Hopefully my friends understand. Those that have children do, those that don’t, well you have all of this to look forward to. 

I also went out on Wednesday into Mapperley for some food with my mummy friends. We went to the recently opened the Old Flower Shop. Let’s just say I wouldn’t go again. It’s been a busy few weeks and we both have a lot of busy weekends ahead. I can’t wait to have nothing on and have some family time. 

We did manage to get out today however, travelling to Rushcliffe Country Park. We haven’t been before but absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back. There’s a small but lovely lake, a park, a cafe, and railway track, but a big trail to follow. To top it off the weather was perfect, around 24 degrees. We can’t wait to explore to entire park more. 

I really do just love getting out and walking around, exploring. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing and I know Thea enjoys it to. I’m so happy we decided to put her forward facing at 4 months. She loves looking around and seeing new things and I don’t think they get to experience as much in a rear facing pram/pushchair. 

My mum was off work last week which was really nice. I saw her 3 days, and we did a few different things. Shopping was one of them! Then of course, less exciting stuff which included me cleaning the house. 

The only other notable thing I can think to discuss is Em-Con. This year it was spread over two days, the Saturday and the Sunday. If you don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about, then head here Em-Con for more information. So, I had some personal issues, which I did moan about to my friends and after the Saturday I was feeling really down. I was sat with Travis Wester from Supernatural,  which was great. I haven’t watched the show really since season five, but I was well aware of who he was and the character he played. AJ was also there sitting with us. Both guys seemed really nice, and their PR REP (I think) Beth who was with them was a gem. After going home and going to my friends wedding reception, I woke up feeling a bit better about my day ahead. I was assigned to Dave Prowse, which to be honest I didn’t have a clue who he was. For those of you that don’t know either, he played the original Darth Vader. Or for you older people out there, the Green Cross Code Man (I haven’t a clue). He was a lot busier than Travis, and I was kept busy all day. After we shut everything down that evening, we went to the after party at Annie’s Burger Shack and I was sat with a group of Con friends which was nice. 

As far as the event went, and from what I can tell, it ran really smoothly without any major hiccups, which I think it’s a big achievement in itself to say that it’s only in its third year. It was quieter because it was spread over two days, but I see this as an advantage. Attendees could freely move around and more importantly, got more time with the guests and in turn, I think the guests felt like they could relax a bit more and spend sometime chatting to attendees.  I love that it’s in my home time and again, despite me being upset, I remain loyal to the company and the people who run it. I’ve missed attending cons and working at them, so this is my little thing that I get to do. The same company have two other events coming up, outside of Nottingham which I will be helping out at, the first one being Skegness in July. It’s on a smaller scale, but it will make t even more personal. 

Me and Travis 

Me and my friend Leigh-Anne, who by the way, I’m running Race for Life with in June, so get sponsoring me please. We shall be doing in t cosplay, so if you can’t come and join us, you can come and watch and have a laugh! 

Race For Life