Strange Day

So, the boyfriend has gone to York for a stag weekend, my dads actually, which has left me with Thea today and tonight (she goes to my mums for a sleep over tomorrow so I can get some much needed sleep) 

It’s weird, I’ve had this pit in my stomach all day- which is stupid. I spend all of my time with Thea, all day, everyday (mostly) yet I’ve been feeling anxious about having her over night on my own, perhaps more so because she’s not sleeping lately, so I already know I’ve got a shit night before I’ve started. I’ve also, for some reason had a sense of loneliness, despite the fact that I’ve been to the library group this morning and my sister has been round and taken her out for a couple of hours this afternoon (so I could finish tidying the house). I think it’s because I knew that once she had left for the day (4pm) I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sit and have a conversation with any other adults until tomorrow mid morning. It’s weird how these things make you feel, isn’t it? 

I decided to take Thea to the doctors today as I’m not happy with her milk at the minute. I really wanted to try her on Neocate which is the next formula up from Nutramigen. You can Infineon my surprise when the doctor told me that he wanted me to try her on regular formula. Fantastic. I was a bit frantic about it, as we all the end result. She’s going to be left riddled with pain. So, I called the health visitors and spoke to one that has a lot to do with milk allergy’s. For starters, she’s going to come on Monday for a visit to go through everything with me, which will be really helpful, especially since our referral for her was rejected due to the fact she puts on weight. She also told me to stick with Nutramigen for now, and try giving her a petit flouris (is that how you spell it?!) yoghurt. It would be less harsh than the milk, but you would still get an idea of if she’s uncomfortable with it. I only challenged it just before Christmas, so I don’t fancy doing a full challenge this soon. It’s cruel. However, I am happy to try her on the yoghurt to see how that goes. If it’s a thumbs up the. I will try stronger dairy. If not, it’s back to the doctors and we will retry Aptimil Pepti 1. This was the first milk she had, and to be honest it suited her tummy the best, however 6 weeks after she had it, her body flared up and the doctor said it was because of the milk. I’m hoping it was just coincidence and that the milk is fine for her. He also said he will make sure the referral goes through if we need to change her milk. Stupid really, I should be getting one anyway. 

Thoughts on milk allergies and what I should be doing, or not doing?