Guest Blogger Jacqui. 

Recently I asked if anyone would like to guest blog for me, and I’m delighted with the responses I have received. 

Today’s guest blogger is my good friend Jacqui. This is her first blog and she is using it as an introductory blog to her new page. Give it a read, it’s a great insight into raising three children! Her word press account can be found Here so give her a warm welcome and a follow! 

Hi I’m Jacqui. A 25 (almost 26) year old (stressed, blessed, forgetful and often crazy) mum of 3… first There is Tom he is 3 (very almost 4) years old. Born with a cleft lip and palate. Oli who is 2 (and and a half) years old born without cleft but with a little tongue tie. And Poppy 1 year old also born with no cleft but a tongue tie. Seeing the pattern? Yup my body apparently can’t make a baby without some problem or another 😂 (i often joke tommy had some of his face missing and oli and poppy picked it up… because if I don’t laugh about it sometimes then I might just cry!) don’t get me wrong though I’m blessed beyond words and their “problems” are nothing in comparison to 99% of things that could have been wrong (though it would have been nice to just have 1 without anything up). My days generally consist of stopping the boys killing eachother/beating eachother up and egging eachother on to do things they know are naughty… trying to split myself in 3 so none of them feel left out and looking after the house because I’m a bit of a clean freak… 3 kids so close is hard work. I wouldn’t recommend it but I also wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Oli is currently getting over an upset stomach… I’m not sure what caused it. None of the others have it so I am 99% sure it’s not a bug because they share sippy cups and food and slobber 😷 even when I try to stop them I can’t be everywhere all the time hahaha. I think the cause may have been the dreaded tommee tippee sippy cup… With one of THOSE valves you know… The ones that were plastered all over Facebook… They were spose to be sending me replacement clear ones because oli will not drink out of any other cup… well he will but the other ones he will use are not leak proof and I prefer my laminate floors dry! Because I quiet like not having a broken back from slipping over 😂😂 they still haven’t sent them I don’t think they ever will… I was pretty sure his valve was still fine after regularly looking inside through the holes as much as I could but I may be wrong… I feel like a bad mum for risking it! But those cups seem to be IMPOSSIBLE to buy anywhere at the moment the shelf is always empty! I have however taken it away and he’s borrowing poppies pretty pink one…. hahaha touch wood today has been fine! No stomach churning nappies I feel positive! 
Poppy is currently teething (i think) she went to bed at 6… its now half 8 and I have been up to her 3 times… I was also up every half hr since 2am with her… and we have some pretty rosie cheeks. I now have calpol because this mummy needs sleep! 
I’m thinking of setting up my own blog if I do maybe siaan can share a cheeky link to it for me if anyone wants to follow the crazy hectic life of me and my 3 little bundles of trouble!


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