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Dressing your baby. 

We all know that babies grow quicker than Jacks Bean Stalk, and if you’re like me, you’re having to purchase the next size up in advance whilst considering what season it will be. 

Thea is coming up to nine months, but I know that some of her clothes will fit her for a little longer. She mainly wears dresses and tights, on warmer days, we lose the tights and on cooler days, we got for a light sweater/jumper and leggings. 

Her leggings are already a bit too small, I suspect because she’s a bit longer than average, and she’s a big girl. Her little jumpers will soon follow, but like I said above, some will fit her a bit longer. Mainly the dresses I purchased from Next. 

Anyway, I just wondered where everyone shops for their clothes? Have I got readers that just shop in Next and Zara, or have I got people that shop in Primark, or may even car boot it? 

I’ve done a little of all of the above, and although I tend to stick in my comfort zones, I shop at either end of the market (if that’s how you want to put it). I’m just going to create a little list so I can show you where I shop for Thea and the prices I pay. 

Primark: I don’t get a huge amount of clothes from here. Mainly little vests for her as you can pick up a pack of three for £2.80. Saying that, I do sometimes find little dresses for her, but I tend to buy the next size up as I find them quite small. So for example, at the minute, she’s in 9-12 months. Don’t be fooled by Primark. I do find their prices on clothes to be very inconsistent. For example, I bought the below which is a little romper type suit for £5 (Remeber this when I post about Next) 

I also bought a nice dress for her, which was £8. 

See what I mean about being inconsistent? There is only £3 between the two, but to say that one is a thin summer outfit, and the other a lovely dress for a special occasion, I get baffled. 

La Redoute: Weblink Here. I like shopping on this site, mainly because I don’t know anyone else that does. It means that I don’t have to worry about her having the same clothes as everyone else. I’m always happy with the quality and think it washes well. The prices however, I find to be expensive, so please wait until there is a sale! They always put one on and have it at a minimum 25% off, although I tend to wait until it’s 40% off. 

Below are some of my purchases, with ORIGINAL prices, but note, I got 40% off of these. 




They charge £3.95 for home delivery, but it’s free for a click and collect type service. They’re at random places, like corner shops, but hey if it saves you £3.95 I’m all for it. 

The only purchase I haven’t been happy with is the following at £14. It was just such a weird material, I didn’t like touching it. I think I paid £6 for it, so I didn’t bother sending it back. I just chucked it away. Naughty me. Oh and it also has a stupid looking pointy hat with it. 

Next: so, people tend to think that it’s expensive to shop here, and it can be. Some of the children’s/babies items are over priced and the adults wear is definitely over priced, however, you can get some bargains, and you don’t have to queue up at 5am to get them in the sales. 

Each of the little tunic tops below are part of Next’s great Mix & Match collection. The first item is full price, in this case £6 (total would be £18). Two items are £10 and three items are £15. That would give you a saving of £3. It’s a great way to save a couple of quid, plus they do have a good selection. 

They also do other little bargains. I found two dresses that were £6 each. 

One at £5.50

Plus a cute little top at £3 

So Next really do offer some great value for money on baby items. Remember what I said above, about the Primark romper/play suit being £5? Well the tunic items work out the same price, and they’re definitely better quality, last longer and fit better. 

I tend to get one set of sleep suits from here, because they last a long time. These can be a little over priced, but again, you pay for the quality of the product. 


George at Asda: I do like shopping here and find their prices to be really reasonable and always find their items to be good quality. It’s just a shame I don’t live closer, or else I’d be in there all the time! Actually, it’s probably a good thing that I don’t like close after all. 

I buy her PJ’s from here as I don’t always like sleep suits for her. Now she’s crawling I find they can restrict her, and her feet often get lost in the when she pulls herself across the floor. 

Pack of three £7 

Pack of two £5 

If you did want a bargain pack of sleep suits you can pick up three for £7. They’re probably a bit on the small size for Thea. 

I always think they have some really lovely little dresses as well. The following is a good quality party/special occasion dress. It is priced £8. The same as Primark special occasion dress. 

This next one has got me a lot of compliments and people asking where it’s from! Price £6

And then at even more of a bargain, a cute dress at £3. Obviously the material is thinner, but it’s a summer dress, it’s supposed to be. 

As regards to shoes, I went to Clarkes a few days ago to get her feet measured as she’s cruising now. She’s a size 3.5 and I got her first pair of cruiser shoes for £26. I didn’t think it was too bad, as I have seen some at £36+. These should last her around 8 weeks. I’m hoping she’s walking by then, which would be perfect as we can but the next shoe up- walking shoes. 

I did pick up a pair of white sandals for her in Primark for £3.50. I feel like shoes from these types of places are more for show than walking, due to the quality and support, they’re not designed as cruising shoes. 

Hope you have found the above helpful, and I’d love to know where you all shop. I really don’t shop in many places, do I? 

Next dress £6

Cardigan £8.50 for two Next

Dress George £6

All in one La Route £7.50 ish for two. 


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  1. I tend to shop at George asda and f&f tesco… tesco clothes are really good! And the sale rack at my local tesco always has some nice stuff on it. Poppy loves to chose stuff she’s got good taste!

    Shoes wise I go to Clarkes outlet at Ashford boys shoes tend to be £13-£20 poppy currently has a pair of tesco shoes.. suprisingly supportive well enough for her toddling around the garden once she starts walking more we will get her Clarkes ones… I’m due a trip to Ashford for boys shoes. I also get boys shoes from sports direct. They both currently have some Nike ones… cost me £18 each last amazingly well even when being scuffed around preschool for tom! Poppys’ 1st ever paid of shoes (crib shoes) were hot pink and white Nike from sports direct £14 worth every penny they were too cute!

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    1. I get a few bits from Tesco, but admittedly it’s not my favourite place to shop. As for Clarke’s I will have to see if there is an outlet around my area. Every three months I do tend to nip to the Next outlet, but with the bargains I spoke about, I’m not sure I need to this time around!


  2. I’ll right away take hold of your rss as I can’t to find your email subscription link or newsletter service.
    Do you have any? Please let me know so that I may just subscribe.


  3. Love seeing all the little girlie bits. Can’t wait for the day I can buy some. I tend to get Archie’s bits from Asda, M&S, Next, H&M Instagram shops and sainsburys.

    I have seen some beautiful girls clothes in M&S and they often do sales where things are a lot cheaper. H&M are both reasonably priced and good quality. But sainsburys is one of my faves. The clothes wash nice and was extremely affordable. Xxx

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    1. I’ve never been to Sainsbury’s as there isn’t one local to me, but maybe I should be ute out! I’ll check H&M out online- Thea hates it when we go shopping! I’ll make a note to keep an eye out for M&S sale as well. I have some baby grows from there which I was really happy with x


  4. Tbh, I’m an eBay kind of Mummy. Especially considering i nabbed some gorge outfits for my babe that cost $10 (Australian coin) on eBay & they were being sold at local markets for 50% markup on the price id found them for. Purely coincidental, but exactly the same items. So, eBay is my go-to

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