The Dairy Diary: Part One

So there have been some major updates since I last blogged about Thea and her milk allergy. 

Last Friday, I made her a doctors appointment. I don’t mind her reducing her milk intake, obviously you expect it at some point, but it was getting to the point where she hadn’t had any milk for 12 hours, and I knew she was hungry, but when she saw the bottle coming towards her, she would scream and cry. That’s not normal. 

I went to the doctors and explained what was going on and that I really didn’t think the Nutramigen 2 was effective now and that I would like to try the next allergy formula up, which is Neocate. My visit had the opposite effect, and the doctor told me that he would like me to put her on normal formula, and challenge it again. Are you kidding?! I challenged it at Christmas and she was in pain. Why on Earth would I want to do it again so soon?! He said if it didn’t work we would try Aptimil Pepti 1. This formula was the very first one she had. It still has cows milk in, but the protein has been removed. This was always the milk that had suited her the best, but last time after 6 weeks, she came up in a eczema type rash, and the doctor put it down to the milk, so we came off it. 

Anyway, I left the doctors quite frankly terrified and came straight home and called my HV to voice my concerns. I admitted that I had been trying her on little bits of dairy and touch wood, she had seemed to be okay, but changing the milk however, terrified me as I’ve always had a feeling that the formula was the problem, not dairy itself. My HV passed me on to another that likes to specialise in milk allergies and reflux. After a long and just as terrifying chat, we decided that I would keep her on Nutramigen but try her on those little Petit yoghurts. This was on a Friday afternoon. She advised to give her one for breakfast Saturday and if she was okay, give her one Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon. We also arranged her to come and visit us on Monday to discuss how it went and the next step. I felt a lot better with this suggestion. 

The weekend came and went and as I suspected, she was fine with the yoghurt. It was scary doing it, but a relief at the same time that her tummy would actually tolerate dairy yoghurt. I watched out for obvious signs of a reaction, tummy ache, constipation, diarrhoea, sickness etc, but as I say all seemed to be well. 

On Monday the HV came. It was a bit hectic as EON had arrived earlier which coincided with my hairdressers appointment (at home) and when EON left, the HV arrived so I was having my hair done at the same time. She didn’t mind though. So again, after a long discussion, she told me that if Thea had been okay with the yoghurt, that I should just go for it and give her dairy. Like everything, everything I had been missing out for months and months. You have to understand how scary and daunting this is. After being told since she was 6 weeks old that she has a milk allergy, I was now being told to go for it with her diet. Yoghurts, whole milk, cheese, pancakes, omelettes. Everything! I discussed the formula concerns with her and we decided that I was to call the doctors and see if she could be bumped down to Aptimil Pepti One. I couldn’t see the doctors saying no as it’s cheaper. 

So that’s what I have been doing ever since. Pretty much so far so good. The only thing I’m not sure on is whole milk. She wasn’t sure on the taste, which is a given, it was just something she would have to get used to, however, she had whole milk for two mornings with her breakfast, then she had two bad nights. I stopped the milk and she had a good night, but then a bad night- so at this point it may just be all coincidence and I will reintroduce whole milk at the weekend. 

She’s still not great at nights.  But I think that’s just how she is. The food has been great though. It’s been so much more easy to feed her as she’s just been having what we have in the evening. No making extra food with formula or with diary free plastic cheese. It’s taken a weight off of my shoulders. I’m still recording a food diary for her as we need to know what she’s had incase she has a flare up. But that’s nothing in comparison. 

She seems to be doing relatively well on the milk. She’s still funny about taking it, but she’s drinking more. I always make her a 7oz bottle and up until now, she only had 5oz. On the Aptimil she’s been drinking the entire bottle, so she’s more than been hitting her 17.5oz quota that she needs for the day. I would say she’s having just over 20oz a day. 

I still personally think the problems lays with formula. That there is something in it that she can’t tolerate that has nothing to do with cows milk, but to be honest, I don’t think we’re ever going to find out what that is. I’ll be glad when she doesn’t want formula anymore. 

I’m just a bit mad that she can tolerate diary, and the fact she may have been able to tolerate it all along, but the doctors couldn’t be bothered to investigate further (remember I continuously tried to request an allergy test). But hey ho, we seem to be on the right track now. 


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  1. Eugh I can’t even imagine! Poppy isn’t allergic as far as I know but will not drink cows milk… by her age both boys were drinking cows milk like there was no tomorrow… she flat out refuses it I’ve had to go onto a follow on milk… because she won’t go without her bottles. Kids can be so frustrating!

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      1. Definitely at least I have something I can give her that I know she will drink. I’d hate to be in your situation! It must be so difficult having to chop and change and risk All the time! I hope it all starts looking up now!

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