Me time indulgences 

I think as a mum, whether a mum with a newborn, a first time mum, a mum with three children, it is extremely important for us all to get some down time, do something we enjoy and indulge a little. 
Once you’ve had a child, you dedicate your life to them, and 99% of the time, your concentrating so much on your little one, that you forget about yourself. The person who you were before is gone, and a new you takes over. A tired version of yourself, one that is constantly looking after your child. Raising them, feeding them, changing them, watching their personalities grow and smiling as they become real tiny people. Forgetting to look after yourself is easily done, and happens to all of us, but if you can work it into your routine so it doesn’t happen, fantastic! You’ll feel so much better for it, especially if it’s something you love to do. 

1: Date Night

Okay, so I guess this is a joint one and admittedly few and far between at the minute, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love having date night! It’s time to catch up with your partner, ask what’s been going on, have a good gossip and enjoy each other’s company. For a few hours, you get to maybe somewhat live like the people you once were- people that didn’t have many responsibilities, could go out when ever you wanted, do what ever you wanted…

As I said, ours are few and far between. We usually go out when Thea stays over at her Nannys (although, when she has stayed out lately, we’ve both unfortunately had other arrangements). Sometimes we go out in the evening, sometimes in the day. It doesn’t matter which we do, as it’s the quality times I really enjoy. We’ve actually just had a date night and went to the cinema to see Captain America:Civil War, at long last! It was a lovely night and I’m glad we got to spend some alone time together. 

2: T.V Shows/Movies

People who know me, know that I love my shows. It’s hard to find time to keep up while looking after Thea, but somehow I manage. I’m what you would call an obsessed fan, Marvel Geek, nerd and anything else you can think of. I don’t mind though. I can watch a range of shows, anything from the Vampire Diaries, to Chicago Fire. Arrow to How to Get away with Murder. I’ll try anything once. 

I love going to the movies or watching them at home. Like date nights, movie nights are few and far between but it doesn’t mean that I still don’t love doing it. I’m a huge Marvel fan, and due to Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman, perhaps a newly turned DC fan as well? Time will tell on that one. I also love to watch anything with Rachel McAdams and Jenna Dewan. 

3: Reading 

This hardly ever happens, unless I’m reading a blog. However, I do have a few books o enjoy to read or re-read. I love the Harry Potter series and I’m looking forward to the day I get to re-read them, perhaps with Thea? 

There is also a author called S.M Reine. You can tell that maybe she is somewhat of a novice, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy her books any less. They’re all kind of urban fantasy, but the series I particularly like is Preternatural Affairs. The lead in the book is a witch, and he works for a special department that technically doesn’t exist. You get my drift…

4: Eating

I love to eat. I’m still trying to lose baby weight, and therefore try to stay relatively good, but I’m not on a strict diet and if I fancy something, I’ll eat it. I exercise so I always hope that it balances out! The other night I purchased a pack of Tesco’s finest Belgian chocolate shortbread. Oh. My. God. I can’t explain how nice it was. I ate the whole pack. Shortbread is definitely a weakness of mine, and this is certainly going on my Christmas list! 

5: Netball

I’ve played netball since the age of 8 years old. I’ve played for my school, my university and Nottingham City. Currently I reside at Gotham NC. Even after all this time, I still love the game. I have struggled since coming back, mainly because my body is so tired, and the undiagnosed vitamin D deficiency didn’t help. It gives me a good run around and hopefully I burn a few calories doing something I love. 

6: Clubbercise

Clubbercise is a new thing for me. I’ve probably been taking the class for around 12 weeks now and I really, really enjoy this. You get to waft around LED glow sticks while doing routines to 80’s, 90’s and current music. The best way for me to describe it is a mixture between dancing and aerobics, without the painful task of wearing heels. Someone had a pedometer on a couple of weeks ago and she did a little over 5,000 steps in 45 minutes, so I’d class this as a good work out. The class is very fun and friendly and I’d recommend it to anyone! You can find more information Here and from there, you can locate individual classes. 

7: Tickles

I love having tickles. It sounds silly, but it relaxes me and makes me feel so much better. I don’t care what kind, neck, back, hair, head. Any as long as they’re soft and gentle (haha). I get on Troys nerves, I know I do, but every night I lay down, and within 5 minutes I’m already asking ‘can I have some ticks’ sometimes (like right at this minute) he complies. Other nights, he tells me where to go. 


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  1. Ha ha Shortbread is always on your Christmas list 😀 You and Troy are both wonderful parents and given that you were “unlucky” enough (as was I) to have a first child that has major sleeping problems and allergy problems (who actually knows if they go hand in hand) you are both doing an excellent job. I’m very proud of you both and honored that I am a part of your lives and Thea’s. I look forward to many more years of enjoying every milestone Thea achieves. With much love. Mum xxxx

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  2. OMG tickles!!!! I’m so so glad I’m not the only one 🙈 I always am asking tom he gets fed up and I often get told no but it the one thing that instantly relaxes me… magical nothing eases my stresses like a tickle session! We haven’t had a date night in 4 years I want one but not possible because poppy only wants mummy or occasionally will settle for daddy only other person she will stay with is grandma and grandma doesn’t do night stays 😦 we will get one one day I hope 😂

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    1. Troy doesn’t seem to understand 😂 plus he hates them as well, even though I offer to return the favour. Ahh that’s a shame. Can’t she come over for a couple of hours in the evening? Not necessarily stay over? Just give you enough time to go out for a drink x

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      1. Lol tom doesn’t get it either I tried to return the favour he doesn’t get that tingly relaxy feeling so totally doesn’t get it! Hahaha. And no… They go to bed at like 7 🙈


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