Hen Night

This is just a quick update really. Recently I went on a Hen night. More specifically, for my dads fiancée, Teresa. 

We didn’t want to do the ‘normal thing’ just go out for dinner and drinks etc, instead we wanted to do something a little different. 

After having a chat (not with Teresa, she didn’t have a clue!) we decided to book two rooms at Nottinghams Escapologic. If you haven’t heard of it before, then you need to go and like their Facebook page and check out the website. I’m not sure how to describe what the awesome place is all about, so here is a couple of screen shots from their website….

You can have between two-five people in a room, and there were six of us as the other boring sods didn’t want to do it. We split up and hired two rooms out. Myself, my sister Aston and Teresa’s daughter, Karis went in the Howitz room. It’s rated as 4/5 for scare factor (not all the rooms are spooky) and at the minute, it only has a 20% escape rate. 

It really was brilliant. At several points we jumped out of our skin (don’t worry, there aren’t any live actors), and we’re running around like headless chickens to try and solve the clues, puzzles and God knows what else! Sadly we didn’t make it out. We were only two doors away when our hour was up. I could go into more detail about the room, or the challenges but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone that may go. What I can tell you is that our set up was an old toy shop, and included a child size coffin, and ouija board and plenty of creepy dolls. 

The link to the website is Here

And the promo video can be found Here


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  1. This sounds fantastic! Such a different but fab idea for a hen do… We have something similar in Leeds – I havent been but heard great reviews xx

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