Updates of Milestones & Meltdowns

Last week was a tough week, a really tough week. On Sunday night, Thea woke up around 12am. She cried for an hour while we both had a go at trying to get her back to sleep, but in the end, she wasn’t having any of it so we bought her back downstairs at and I stayed downstairs with her all night. In the end she drifted off on me, while I lay on the sofa watching the Avengers, but I didn’t dare move her! So I just lay there. I dropped off a couple of time, but I’m sure most of you mums know, you don’t/can’t really go into a good deep sleep when the baby is sleeping on you. 

Tuesday day time she was fine, just a little tired and grumpy. 

Tuesday night we managed to keep her in her cot, but she woke up hourly crying. 

Wednesday day, fine. 

Wednesday night was as bad as Monday. She woke up at 10pm just as we had got into bed. In the end I bought her downstairs at 11pm. She was really groggy, wanting cuddles and kept crying. She was also full of snot and sneezing like crazy. At 12.15 I felt myself nodding off, so unfortunate although a work night, I had to get Troy to come down for an hour just so I could have a nap. When my alarm woke me up, I could hear her still crying. We swapped back over, and pretty much straight away she went to sleep on me. 

Thursday, she was still full of snot and I’ve never seen a baby sneeze so much all day. Poor little bubba. She pretty much had cat naps on me, and just wanted cuddles all day, which is unusual for her, as she’s not a cuddly baby at all. 

Thursday and Friday night weren’t sofa nights, but like Tuesday still bad nights and I desperately needed to catch up on sleep. I couldn’t really leave the house much as my body was too exhausted and my eyes were burning. We did however, make it down to weigh in clinic, and she’s now a healthy 21.9lbs. 

Saturday morning, Troy went to work, be she was so grumpy all morning, just crawling around whinging and crying one second, then pulling everything out and being destructive the next. I just left her to it. She was pulling all her toys out, cleaning washing, everything, but I didn’t care- it kept her happy. She was no better when Troy got in and he picked her up and held her while she cried. She threw her head back, and guess what we saw!! We looked at each other at the same time ‘IS THAT A TOOTH!’ 

Well, I sat and cried. I’ve never been so happy seeing a white blip starting to come up through her gum (not cut through yet). I guess that’s why she has been off all week. It doesn’t make you any less tired, but it’s a huge relief when you know why. I think it also gives you a little more patience and perseverance. It’s taken ages for one to come through, so we’re just happy that it’s finally happening! She’s been fairly early at other things, so this had been annoying!

Yesterday she was fine in the morning, but grumpy and upset in the afternoon. We managed to get another look and it was bleeding a little, so perhaps it’s cutting through now. 
Last night was a good night. Well, for Thea anyway. Bed at 7pm. I ran up at 7.30pm as she was screaming. I found her sitting up with her eyes closed lol. I had to get her out of her cot to cuddle her for about 30 seconds, then I put her back down and she was fine. 

We next heard from her at 11.50. I just rubbed her face for a couple of minutes, and she seemed fine, although she had turned sideways in her cot. I didn’t want to move her as she seemed asleep. She woke up again at 12.10 so I moved her back around this time and she was fine. I think perhaps she was a bit uncomfortable and restricted. 

I didn’t hear from her then until 3am when she had a feed. She went straight to sleep, until 5am. A quick head stroke and she went back to sleep until 6am. 

It may not seem like a good night, but to me it was, and I don’t feel to inhuman today. 

So that’s a Milestone right? Her first tooth. 

She also started to stand unaided. So push herself up from the floor without any help and just stand there. Hopefully another 4 weeks and she’ll be walking. She can use a walker and get around which is lovely to see her little smiley face do! 

Yesterday she hit her 9month milestone. She’s been out longer than she’s been in 😩

Can I start planning her one year party yet?! 

What a busy week. 

Oh and she also came to Race for Life


5 thoughts on “Updates of Milestones & Meltdowns”

  1. Still love troys face in that photo 😂😂😂 and yay for teeth poppy has 6 on the way through atm. .. I feel your pain last night I for 4 hrs sleep tho I was up every half hr/45 min in that 4 hrs. I’m exhausted SIX TEETH WTF


    1. I hate it. I’ve had another awful night. She went down at 7.30 and woke up at 10 and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Had to take her in spare bed where she was fidgeting and whimpering all night 😩


      1. Don’t know how you’ve coped with three of them doing it. I’m so upset and down at the minute because of it. I just want to sleep in my own bed. To add to that I’ve thrown my back out at netball so can hardly walk today 😩


      2. :(i think u just deal with it hun. I’ve felt the same with all 3… but it passes and u move on. Just keep reminding yourself it’s not forever xxx and try to rest your back as much as u can x

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