Mummy Blues. 

I don’t even know where to start writing today- I’m so disorientated due to tirdness I have no idea what’s going on. Since Thea’s first tooth started to come through, we haven’t had many good nights. I’m just praying its due to more teeth coming though, because if not, I have no idea what’s going on with her and why she’s not sleeping and so upset at night. I don’t think it’s a sleep regression. We’ve recently had one of those and it was different to how she is now. 

Monday night she was waking hourly from 11pm then I couldn’t get her back down from 3am so bought her downstairs. Last night she woke at 10pm and wouldn’t go back down so I took her in the spare bed. At around 12.30am she dropped off, but it was a battle and she was stirring and whimpering constantly.Very fidgety and agitated. 

So, not much sleep for me in the past 48 hours. Yes, I’m on a sofa or in a bed, but if you have children, then you know that you can barely sleep with a child on you. When they stir it wakes you from your very shallow sleep and of course, not to mention uncomfortable. 

I look and feel horrendous. I have a constant headache, my eyes are burning and my body is just so lathargic. I feel dizzy and sick and I’m generally finding it difficult to cope. 

It takes its toll during the day time, as I can’t get out and be active with Thea- sit and play with her for very long, I just lay and hope that she can entertain herself for a while, so I can try and rest.

It’s hard on me and Troy. He doesn’t know how tiring it is, being up with her all night long, then being with her in the day- a constant 24 hour cycle. And I don’t know what it’s like for him to get maybe a little more sleep, but have to get up and drive 300 odd miles every day at 5.30am. All we can do is try to be patient with one another and support each other until it passes. I’m having a lot of teary moments at the minute. Especially last night, but the tirdness is just over whelming and you sit and wonder when this awful cycle will end. 

It doesn’t help that I’ve got a list as long as my arm to be getting on with. There is always something that needs doing or finishing. 

Even though times are hard, wonderful things are starting to happen. Thea is taking her first steps and at nine months I think this is an amazing achievement and I feel so proud of her. She’s constantly on the go, and always trying new things. This baby has no fear. 

She’s such a cheeky little character, I couldn’t ask for a baby with a better personality. 

On Saturday just gone, it was my dads wedding day. It was a lovely day, if not slightly hectic, and the weather wasn’t the best but still a fantastic day. The terrestrial rain did hold off until after the photos which we’re thankful for. Thea did so well, it was our first time at keeping her out past her bedtime- well maybe second. Apart from a few grumpy moments, she had a great day. 

She’s doing a lot better with her milk now, and isn’t really refusing it anymore. Especially now she’s back on the prescription Aptimil and were in a routine of 3 X 7oz bottles a day. One night feed, one mid morning feed and one before bed.

We’re not liking the weather at the minute after a glorious week or so. Puts a downer on your week, especially when you don’t have a car to go out in. It definitely restricts what we do, or in this case don’t do. Hoping for a sunnier week next week, but knowing this country, it’s doubtful? 

Despite being awake since 3am, I went out to play netball last night, a league game against Leapool. Lately, I haven’t been enjoying it much. It’s like I’ve got a mental block and forgot how to play since having Thea. I just can’t see to be able to get back into the swing of it and I have been finding it difficult to integrate back into a new team. Finally, after playing atrociously for a while now,  I had a good game. Or at least I think I did. I don’t expect I can keep it up, but if I can, I will be happy at that level of play. We won the game as well which made a huge difference to team morel as we’re in a division higher than we should be, so we’ve been finding it a little difficult. 

I can’t overly think of anything else to report at the minute. Thea has been for a trial at a nursery and we’re going to meet with a childminder on Saturday. I’ll update more on that once we’ve made a decision! 


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  1. I find with 1 tooth comes more but as crap as the sleeplessness is its best to get it out the way in 1 big hit than getting back to normal and going back again. Hope she sleeps better soon tho xxxx

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    1. Yes I’d definitely rather it all happen at once. Just need to prepare myself as best as I can for a few more shit weeks. I guess some days will be better than others. Most of the time I just get up and dust myself off and get on with it, but then there are days like today when I can’t.


  2. You’re doing an amazing job! My boy has been one of the feral ones with sleep (until only recently, as you’ve seen). My brothers fiancée is wonderful & she took our boy for a few hours one day so we could both enjoy a little break…we ended up going out for the day and enjoying warm beverages like the childless around us, but I’d like to take her up on another offer and use the time to take a really large nap! – do you have anyone around who could do the same for you?

    We’re in the same boat with no car and poor weather. The rain has held back what we can do (we usually go for a long walk downtown for the day) & the little guy is getting somewhat restless being stuck inside with his cold.

    It really is a juggling act, parenting, isn’t it? Everyone rants on about that fact, but you don’t truly realise until you’re there and it’s happening too you. We now live in a world where every cliche we hear has relevance, like; it will get better for you. And, it will.


    1. Luckily my mum can have her once or twice a month at a weekend, which is great. She’s having her this weekend. We have been out a couple of times, like yourself, but this time we’re definitely staying in! I plan on a take away, movies in bed and an early night with a late start- maximising as much sleep time as possible lol. Sucks having no car. Well, we do have one, but other half needs it for work. Most of the places I like to walk, need a car to get to. Luckily I have a friend with a daughter of the same age, she has a car and we pop out every so often. It’s a huge juggling act. I envy people with the ‘perfect baby’ sometimes, but then again, they’re probably bull shitting lol. How old is your little one? X

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      1. 100% they’re full of it! I honestly don’t believe there’s such a thing as “the perfect baby.” Maybe there’s the perfect “one off night” or “couple of hours”, but all babies have their moments…surely!

        A midwife in the hospital when he was born said to me, “there’s no such thing as the perfect baby, even when you think you’ve got one or someone around you says they do, there’s no such thing. If your baby is being perfect straight away, chances are there’s something wrong. Check him over, and if you’ve doubts…take him to the doctor.” Lol! She was a lovely old lady, put it too this FTM straight!

        Hector is three months today, which is crazy to think about…but then on the other foot you feel like you’ve been doing this already forever! 😂


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