Running before you can walk. 

In my last blog, I posted a small clip of Thea’s first steps. Now she’s fully walking- it’s ridiculous. She’s ten months today, and id say it only took around a week after my last blog for her to become more confident and stay longer in her feet. The other day I recorded a video, where she was walking in and out of different rooms for well over a minute and a half! Of course, she still crawls lots, and she loves to play chase now with daddy. People couldn’t believe it a few weeks ago when I told them she was only just over nine months. I’ve heard countless times about how early it is- and yes I realise that. We haven’t done anything special with her in order for her to do this (as far as I know) she just got up and did it, like everything else she has done. 

I really love seeing her develope, physically and mentally, however, there are (for me) two downsides. The first one is, I really believe this is why she’s such a rubbish sleeper. She also has a little friend who was early with milestones, and he’s not a great sleeper either. We think that their minds are in constant over drive- especially at night time, and they’re constantly trying to do new things in their sleep. Also, I can’t wear her out in the day. Obviously, I try to stimulate her as much as possible, but whatever I’m doing, it’s not enough. The second thing is (selfishly) I never get a minute. All of her little baby friends will happily sit there and play- even if it’s just for ten minutes while mummy had a cuppa. I have never been able to do this, as she’s gone from crawling, to sitting up, to stand up, to cruising to walking all in 3 months. It’s been hectic and constant to say the least! 

We have a second tooth now, possibly another on the way. I can’t see anything, but we’ve had mass amounts of dribble come from no where, pulling on her ear and a flushed cheek. She’s actually really poorly today after having a temperature of sorts since Saturday. Doctors tell us it’s another virus. She seems to get them one after the other. She’s really down, clingy and just wants to nap on me. Food is a no go, and milk less than normal. I had to take her to the doctors again as she developed a rash over night. I did the glass and felt confident that it wasn’t meningitis, but obviously it’s always a thought that crosses your mind, so I wanted to get it checked. As suspected it’s a viral rash. Fantastic. Doesn’t seem to bother her though which is good. Due to her feeling so poorly and pretty much slept all day, it’s meant that I’ve had the past two days of 4.15am starts. I actually feel like my eyes are bleeding into my skull. Today, however she seems a tad more happy, so I’m going to be horrible mummy and try and keep her up a little longer in the day, in hopes that she won’t wake so early tomorrow, as I think I might die if she does. 

Thursday night last week, she was I assume trying to run (running before you can walk) and tripped over her own feet, colliding with the coffee table. She had a lump on her head. A very alarmingly large one at that. For those that have seen the pictures, I’m sure you’ll agree it wasn’t pretty. It’s always worrying when this happens, and as first time parents we didn’t no what to do. In the end we took a breath and thought rationally, rather than panicked (although, I did a little bit of that too). I asked a few people what they thought. Strangely, first time mums told me to take her to a&e and mums with more than one child told me to monitor her. She didn’t appear to be dizzy, or confused. She wasn’t sick. She drank her milk and wasn’t sleepy and her pupils were normal, so we decided not to take her and monitor through the night. In the morning, I did made an appointment at the doctors to get her checked and to report it. I’m told you have to do this, or rather it’s better to, incase someone thinks you’ve been hitting your baby. Anyway, they checked her responses and said she was fine, they just mentioned she would bruise and to prepare for comments from other parents. Luckily she hasn’t really bruised. Made me kind of mad at the thought of other parents commenting on a negative way. Yea, it was an horrendous knock, but accidents happen, and at one point or another, it will probably happen to all of your babies too. Unfortunately, you can’t wrap everything, including your baby in cotton wool. 

As far as myself goes, I’ve been through the wars a bit. I jolted my back at netball, which has rendered me useless for a while. I’ve just played my last game of the season, so now I’m going to have a couple of weeks hiatus so I can rest and go and see my osteopath. I also had an infection on a problem tooth which caused my face to swell and make me look like a hamster which didn’t feel the best. 

We’ve recently made the huge decision to hand my notice in at work. For those that don’t know, I work for a corporate dental practice as a dental nurse. For numerous reasons, we (myself and Troy) decided that I wouldn’t be going back. It’s a shame, but among other things, I want to spend more time with my baby, whilst she’s still a baby. Hands down to mums that want to go back to work full time, or have to, but I had made it clear from the beginning that I wouldn’t be retuning full time anyway. I don’t want to ship my baby off to nursery everyday, and miss all of those little things she’ll be doing when I’m not there. I want to be able to plan things with her in the week, as well as do spur of the moment things, like going out for lunch with her and stuff. It’s precious time we will never ever get back. So, if it means we have to suffer financially for a few years, until she’s older, miss out of holidays aboard and so on, then so be it. I would rather ‘just get by’ and spend time with Thea, than go to work full time, just to get a holiday and 28 days a year with her. I not opposed to a little part time job, so will look for one in the future. One where she will be in nursery for a minimum time- I wouldn’t mind that too much, but full time. More than 20 hours, I don’t think so. 

TV talk. Most of my shows are on hiatus, so at the minute I’m re-watching Angel. Currently on season three and really enjoying it. It’s so much darker than Buffy ever was, well in my opinion anyway. I’m also watching the new season of Pretty Little Liars and Scream, both on Netflix. Really enjoying them both too. 

I think that’s about it for now. Not very exciting, I think I need some blogging inspiration. 


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  1. Oh Jesus sounds like you’ve had a time of it. Well done Thea on walking you clever little sausage. Don’t worry about what other people think of her head bump Hun. We’ve been there too (Archie feel backwards in a coffee shop and had a black egg on his head a few months back).
    Sorry to hear you’ve hurt your back and that Thea has been under the weather. It’s horrible when it all happens at once. We were in the same boat. Archie and I both had two days of vomiting and I was in agony. I genuinely didn’t think I could cope with life 😂.
    And I’m EXACTLY on the same page when it comes to returning to work. I only returned 12 hours (which I had to as we’re trying to buy a flat) and it absolutely kills me leaving Archie. I started when he was 9 months and he’s 16 now. As soon as we’ve bought im leaving because I can’t stand it. Stay at home for as long as it financially allows you. I miss Archie doing so many little things and saying different words and it breaks my heart xxx

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    1. Luckily, she didn’t really bruise. Only a slight tint of yellow/green but unless you looked for it, you wouldn’t know. The swelling went down a lot over night and the bump on a whole is pretty much gone now. Just awful not knowing what to do. I’m really poorly today and was awful yesterday afternoon/over night. Unsure if I’ve caught Thea’s virus. I haven’t eaten since Thursday night. No sick though, thank god. I’ve got a phobia of it lol. How are you feeling now? Did the hospital give you a diagnosis yet? I hoping that if I work part time I can do some late afternoon or maybe even evening so that she will be with a nursery or child minder for as minimum time as possible 😞


      1. Thank goodness for that. I’m sure half the time it looks worse than it is but I do always get a Dr to check Archie’s if its a bad one.
        Oh bless you Hun. Try sipping lucozade once it’s gone flat. That’s the only thing that stopped me being sick.
        Nope hospital haven’t found anything. I’m absolutely fuming. They pumped me with morphine and then sent me home. Going to go private because it’s been going on for over 5 years and already twice a year I’m in hospital because of it yet they still don’t have a clue what it is. Just keep telling me it’s diet or constipation. I’ve completely changed my diet and make a food diary and however much I tell them I’m having no troubles going to the toilet they just don’t listen. It’s so infuriating. Can’t be going into hospital all the time or stuck in bed in agony. It’s not fair on Archie.
        I only work afternoons. I work 2-6 two days a week then 12-4 one day a week. So I split my 12 hours up so I don’t have to be away from Archie too much xxx


      2. Yes, as I say we made the decision not to go to a&e but I took her to the doctors the next day. They make you see the prescribing nurse at my doctors, but she was happy with her responses. Oh that’s awful! I went through a stage- 12 years ago where I felt sick all day every day. This went on for years. In the end I was told two things. You’ve got IBS and its all in your head! I’m much better now but still go through stages where I feel sick and poorly for no reason. Same here- I don’t really have any IBS symptoms. Was just the easiest thing for them to tell me. Who has Archie while your at work? X


      3. It’s so frustrating isn’t it. I got told I’ve probably got a low pain threshold which if why I get in agony with it. I gave went through labour and gave birth with no pain relief. Are they serious 😂
        My mum has Archie one day, my sister the next, and the 12-4 shift is a Sunday so normally Callum (when he has to work mum has him again) xx


  2. Oli bumps himself so much people don’t even comment anymore. .. If they do they say to him “what did u hit this time?” Which is comical till the day he said “mummy got me” to one of tommy teachers… which I most certainly didn’t! !! Luckily for me she thought it was halarious she has kids she gets it 😂😂😂

    I use to take him to a Dr or a pharmacist and eventually got told to watch for the danger signs but usually if there is a bump or bruise he will be ok it’s if nothing comes up u need to worry… 😂😂 gotta love boys.

    It will get easier!


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