Prepping for her first birthday. 

So, I haven’t blogged in a while again. I tend to do a lot of moaning in my blogs, so I thought that I would spare you all the agony of constantly having to read it. 

I’m not overly sure there is a lot to update on the baby side of things. We had our yearly review at the health visitors and she was more than happy with Thea’s progression. I guess it helped that she walked into the office herself! The only problem we had and still have is her sleeping, or lack of at night. She has only slept through maybe once. Most nights I can get up four or five times with her. She has one feed still, and the other times that she’s up, well, I think it’s just for shits and gigs. The health visitor said that I can be put on a Sure Start sleeping course, which I’m considering. It’s not until October though. It’s strange, because Monday and Tuesday night were the best nights we’ve had in ages. She only woke for her feed and slept the rest of the night. Yesterday she didn’t wake up until 7am which was a massive treat. Last night however, back to normal, and then up at 5.30am. It’s so frustrating because I know she can do it- previous two nights per example. Just annoying to be honest and it really does get you down.   

Since writing the above, we’ve had another night, I guess I didn’t get this blog finished when I’d hoped. It was another good night. Down at 7.30pm woke for a bottle around 2.30am and woke up at 6.30am. I’m REALLY hoping we’ve turn led a corner. PRAYING that we have. 

Can I just ask, does anyone else whose babies still have a big night feed find that their babies nappies leak? Thea was absolutely sodden this morning and it had gone through right to the matress. I’ve tried lots of nappies including Lidl, Aldi and Pampers and non of them can hold her. She must wee like a trooper in the night! 

She turned 11 months last week, which I find highly depressing as its only three and a half weeks until her first birthday. I can’t comprehend where the time has gone. A minute ago, or what seems like a minute ago, I was peering down at a new born baby. Now I’m sitting here watching Tree Fu Tom with a great big baby sprawled across me like I’m a glorified pillow. 

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to organise her party. We have invited quite a few people, and we know she won’t remember it, but we will. It’s her very first birthday on this planet, and we want to go all out and make a big celebration out of it. I’m a bit worried as we’re having it outside (our house is too small). We have a gazebo type thing to go up, but come rain or shine, it will be on, and it will be outside. We’re having a bit of food on, mainly for the children and babies. Some decorations, a cake, a few games set up for the babies etc. It’s a lot to plan!

As for milestones, we haven’t hit anymore at the minute. She walks and babbles, puts shapes into shape sorters, eats really well. Still only two damn teeth! She’s been really snotty for over two weeks, so in praying there are more on the way! 

On my side of things, some of you know that I quite my job working as a Dental Nurse at an unnamed corporate dental practice. I was treated very badly there, and I won’t stand for it like most other people do there, so I left. 

Recently, I have started a new job working for a company called Shine Medical. It is a small aesthetic company based in West Bridgford. So far, I’m really happy. I go into clinic one day a week just for a few hours as their treatment coordinator, and then my other hours I can work from home, again as the TCO and as social media manager. It’s great that it’s so flexible and or course I still get to spend my time with Thea. The first week I struggled to juggle having Thea at home while working, cleaning, cooking etc, but this week has been much better. I try and get the bulk of my work done while she has her long morning nap, and the remainder I can sit and do of an evening when she’s gone to bed. My mum has her on a Monday, so again, I try and blast through as much as I can, especially as I’ve always had plans with Thea on a Wednesday and a Friday, and that won’t be changing at the minute, so I like to do as little as possible on those days. It’s great having flexible working hours, I just do the work when I can. If you’re wondering what Shine Medical is, it is a aesthetic clinic that does treatments ranging from high end facials to Botox and lip filler. If I’ve asked you to like the business page, don’t be offended. I’m not implying you need work doing, just simply want some social media support! 

It’s been a lovely day today. We popped to weight in as she needed to be weighed before she’s one. Thea now weighs a nice 22lbs14oz. We came back and she had a nap and I got my work done, then we popped to the shops to get some lunch. Daddy came home a little early so we popped out for dinner, which we don’t normally, or rather never do on a Friday night. 

I think my next update will be about her first birthday, so expect a blog of many mixed emotions! 

Have a good weekend everyone X


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  1. I sware by little angels. Poppy has 2/3 bottles a night… and my boys have access to water all night. I rarely get a leak. I’d make sure using the + size of whatever size she is. Or even consider going up to the next size as the weights over lap pretty massively so the size up even if u only use that one over night may help with leakage. Xxx


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