Fall Bucket List. 

To start off with, I’ve totally stolen this from someone else! (With her permission of course!) You should totally go and read the original blog which you can find here

Anyway, so I’ve never made any kind of a bucket list before, the only lists I seem to make lately are ‘to do list’ which compose of things like food shopping, cleaning, generally running errands. Boring stuff, and I don’t think that really counts. 

I love Autumn (I think secretly even more than I love the summer) there, I said it! (Not really, really). It gives me this little tingle that I can’t help but adore. I love going for evening walks when it gets dark early, and the beautiful sunsets you get with it. That feeling of crisp, cold air touching your face in the day time when you’re out in the garden. Halloween, Bonfire night, CHRISTMAS, the colours it all brings with it. All of it. 

Because I love so much about this season and love doing everything that comes with it, it makes total sense to make this my first bucket list. Thea isn’t quite old enough to do them (well some of them anyway) and won’t understand it, however, she loves to be outdoors, so I think she’ll find our Autumn adventures exciting. I’ll come back and tick them off one by one (assuming I manage to do at least one!) and I’ll try and keep the pictures up to date on Instagram so you can go through our journey with us. 

Here it goes;

  1. ✔️✔️ Conker picking. I haven’t done this since I was a child. Can’t wait to find some juicy ones! 
  2. ✔️✔️ Pumpkin Picking. I’m planning on going to Maxey’s Farm Shop this year to do it properly, rather than just going to Tesco for one!
  3. ✔️✔️ Carve a pumpkin. Goes without saying really. 
  4. ✔️✔️ Watch Fireworks around bonfire night. Should be relatively easy as my Dad has a bonfire night party each year. 
  5. Jump in a pile of leaves. Can’t wait for Thea to do this one in her new wellies. I’ve got a cherry tree in my garden, so shouldn’t be too difficult to find a pile!
  6. ✔️✔️To take an evening stroll. Last autumn, this was easy when Thea wasn’t in a routine. Now it poses to be a little difficult, but I’ll try anyway! 
  7. ✔️✔️Plan a nature walk with the family. This is already a done deal as we’ve got a week booked at Sherwood Forest in the log cabins. 
  8. ✔️✔️ Go Trick-Or-Treating
  9. ✔️✔️Take some fall family photos 
  10. Bake a pie
  11. ✔️✔️ Roast marshmallows. This is something we do every year at my Dads bonfire night party. 
  12. ✔️✔️Stress less and relax more! 
  13. ✔️✔️ Have a family fall picnic at the park 
  14. Watch Hocus Pocus. 
  15. ✔️✔️ Decorate the house for Halloween

So that’s my list so far, if I think of anymore I can always add to it later. I really wanted to add ‘make cookies’ and I’m fairly good at baking, but cookies are not my forte. They come out like flat weird biscuits lol. 

Anyway, hope you like my fall bucket list. Why not make one yourself? It’s a pretty awesome season to do it 😉 remember to check my Instagram for proof that I’ve done these things! 

Love Siaan & Thea


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