Thea’s First Birthday. 

It’s taken well over a week for me to come to terms with the fact that it’s been an entire year since I can birth to a 7lb14oz tiny little baby. I use the phrase ‘come to terms with’ very lightly, and truth be told, it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. How could this little baby, that depended on us for everything, be now running around like a crazy person possessed. She has her own very strong personality, and doesn’t like the word no! 

I remember her just laying there, staring up at me, knowing I was her whole world (and of course the person that fed her!). Her little noises, looking at her own hands and how they worked. Rembering her first smile, and remembering trying to take a picture of us both saying ‘smile for Daddy’ and her dong just that. I remember trying to cut her tiny little nails, her first roll, starting to crawl, stand, walk. Now I’m feeling sentimental as I remember the first time she kicked. The day after our 20 week scan, when we knew she was a girl. I was laying in bed on the Saturday morning, talking to Troy, when all of a sudden I felt a pulsating kind of a feeling. I stopped talking and grabbed Troys hand so fast so he could feel too. 

It’s weird how now she’s one, she all of a sudden seems like a real little person. Of course, she’ll always be my baby, but now it looks and feels like she has grown up so much. I can totally see why people keep having kids. I already miss the first year of her life terribly, even though it was the hardest year of my life to date. 

So onto some more exciting one year talk,  we had a little party for her on the Sunday (day before) for family and close friends. I’m not going to lie, it was stressful and I think I’m still recovering now. The day before we attempted to put up a gazebo, in the pouring rain, which then later was accompanied by some freak wind, which coincidentally, took the gazebo and snapped all the poles. I was so upset as I knew the grass wouldn’t dry for he following day, we’d got no chairs and no covers for anyone. 

The following morning it was still windy. A friend has lent is a much smaller gazebo, but it was still getting pulled all over so we gave up. Although it was warm, it was really cloudy. Devestating. I carried on anyway and we put some tarpaulin down with a couple of blankets, got out an old table and chairs, and put her toys out. I just about had everything ready in time before the first guests started to arrive. Low and behold, the sun came out, and the grass had dried, I was so happy! Everyone turned up throughout the afternoon, minus a few family members who I knew couldn’t attend, and actually I had nothing to worry about, as it was a very nice afternoon, even if I do say so myself. We even got Thea down for a nap part way through. We won’t mention the costume change due to a poo explosion in a white dress… 

After everyone had left I tidied up and put all get presents, along with ours in the living room ready. We couldn’t believe how many she had, and we were and still are beyond grateful for all the gifts she received. She is a very lucky little girl! 

The next day, in true birthday style she woke just before 5.30am. Fantastic lol. We both got up and went in for her, so we could say happy birthday, then I quickly came down to make sure everything was alright and Troy bought her down. We sat and pretty much opened all her presents for her. The only one she opened was her Rio 2 DVD. I started to open it and she saw the cover and started to laugh while opening it. She did seem interested in her presents, I just don’t think she knew where to start! 

Once she had woken from her nap, my mum was already here, and we headed off to my Nana’s to see her quickly as she was too poorly to make it to her party. She got her a lovely winter coat from Next. 

We decided to go to Wheelgate. It was a toss up between there and Twycross Zoo. However, the weather looked unpredictable, and I thought the animals may all be hiding, so Wheelgate it was. We had a lot of fun. Thea ran around like a headless chicken. She really enjoyed the soft play, the carousel, seeing the annals and playing on the baby park. We really enjoyed it there and when she’s older will probably buy an annual pass as in the long run I’m sure will turn out cheaper.

Once we were home, my dad and Teresa came round (they couldn’t make it to the party) and bought her the present they had ordered, a Trike. They didn’t stay long, but I think she’d had enough by then and was probably a bit overwhelmed after a very full on two days. 

All in all I’d say it was a very successful birthday, and there were not tears from me. Not until the wednesday anyway! I was sorting out her wardrobe and looking at her first baby blankets, an outfit my dad bought her when she was born, for when she was older 12-18months and at the time, I wondered why he had purchased it so far in advance. Now I was crying that she would soon fit into it! 

Not sure why she’s so intent on pulling faces all the time, but it’s funny all the same 😍 

As depressing as it is, I’m really looking forward to the next chapter. She’s starting to talk and babble a lot more now, and I can tell she’s understanding more and more. This year should be really fun! We’ll start by trying to complete our Autumn Bucket List, (see previous blog) which I’m really excited for. I’ve got our wellies at the ready! 

Love Siaan & Thea x