Conker Picking

If you’ve read my Fall Bucket List blog, then you’ll know that Conker picking was on the list. 

When I was younger, I used to live on Fairview Road, situated across from Woodthorpe Park. Directly outside my house there was an enormous conker tree, in fact the entire road was lined with them. Needless to say, while I was growing up, as soon as Fall came around, we would be out Conker picking. God knows what we did with them all, but either way, it’s a happy childhood memory. 

Recently, I ventured out to Woodthorpe Park with my friend Sam, and her daughter. I came across a Conker tree that in my words to her ‘had took a battering from me and my sister over the years’ indeed it had, but somehow, it looked as good as new and even more importantly, full to the brim of ripe conkers ready to be picked! This was my moment to complete my first bucket list item. 

Sam found a couple of sticks and off I went, throwing them up into the tree. It didn’t take long for a couple to fall down, however, I had my eye on w big juicy one, so I carried on. During this attempt, Thea found my stick throwing absolutely hilarious- God knows why, but here’s her response to it. ​

It was a lovely day, although I do find it frustratingly difficult when we’re sitting down, trying to eat lunch and Thea is constantly running off. I really need to start using her baby reigns, and ignore the tantrums that she’ll throw! We went for a little walk, went on the park, then looked around the newish garden centre they have, which I was pleasantly surprised to find reasonably priced. 

Here are the results from my Conker picking! 

Anyway, tick one off the bucket list. 

Love, Siaan & Thea X