Pumpkin Picking & An Autumn Family Picnic

So I’m a little bit aprehensive that I don’t appear to be checking off my fall bucket very quickly, however, I have two to update you on! 

The first one was a Autumn family picnic. Not a great one (food wise) but still, it counts! It was a couple of weeks ago, we decide to drive out to Rushcligfe country park. It was one of those days where it was lovely and warm one second, and autumnal chilly the next. We had a lovely walk round and Thea, as per usual was running off like a crazy child. She even got a stoke a Daschund (sausage dog) which was really cute to see. She’s still heavy handed, but she’ll get there! We’d got a couple of sandwiches and fruit from the shop and taken it with us, so half way round we sat on one of the benches to eat it all. 

More recently, we drove to Maxey’s Farm Shop. We arrived about half an hour after it opened, but Thea was asleep so we had to wait for her to wake up. While we waited, we totally nailed the best family photo! A sleeping baby, blinded by the sun and a deranged looking mummy!! 

Anyway, once Thea had woke up we headed in. There was a large field containing hundreds of pumpkins, a bouncy castle, a ice cream van, a bugger stall and then the stall where you could purchase your pumpkins and buy little nick nacks. 

Thea really enjoyed herself. Part of it was her running around, feeling and touching all the pumpkins. The other part she spent sitting in the wheelbarrow having a lot of fun! 

After we went to Newfield ice cream parlour. It was the first time we had been there also, and it did not disappoint! Thea thought it was yummy to! It must have been as she doesn’t usually like ice cream or anything like that. We’ll definitely be going back, maybe for the Christmas market that will be held there. They also do meals like Sunday roasts, so I can’t wait to go and try it! 

So, there you have it. Two more things crossed off the bucket list! 

Lots of love,

Siaan & Thea xxx