Christmas Book Advent Calendar. 

A few months ago, Thea wasn’t overly keen on sweet stuff. The only ‘naughty’ treat she seemed to like were Rich Tea biscuits. Chocolate was definitely a no go- she would put it in her mouth and pull a face, letting it dribble back out. 

It was at this point I was thinking ahead to Christmas, like I normally do and I remember seeing a different kind of advent calendar. A book advent calendar. It sounded like a great idea, and something different. 

I started to buy a few books here and there, mostly from Ebay. My first one, looking back was actually purchased in June (lol) and it was a Mr. Men Christmas book. 

Once Christmas books started coming out, it was easier. The Works had a lot for £1 which I thought was a bargain! 

Let’s not forget the charity shops. Over the past six weeks I have got a lot of Christmas books from there for 20p/50p, it’s been great! 

I saw an wrapped them all up, and although I can’t leave them under the tree, as she’ll open them all, they’re all piled nicely on the kitchen table. For effects however, I did take some pictures of them under the tree. 

We’re only on day three but so far Thea is really enjoying it. Some of the books are quite long and she isn’t at the stage where she is ready to sit there and have it all read to her, but we give her a book and she runs to the sofa, waiting for one of us to sit with her and unwrap it so she can look at all the pictures. 

I’m definitely going to do this again next year, and I’ll use the same books as she won’t remember anyway. I think next time I’ll make or buy some nice numbered labels for them as this time I’ve just numbered them with a black sharpie. 

Anyway, if you’ve got children, I recommend this for any age, it’s great fun and can get them really interested in books. 

Love Siaan and Thea

P.S, Thea likes chocolate now. Go figure. 


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