My 31st Birthday. 

It’s only a quick update really on my birthday this year. It was on the 20th November, so I’m a little late updating, but what else is new?

This year, I wasn’t overly fussed about my birthday. I’ve never been a big birthday person anyway, but I’m even less so now I have Thea. 

My birthday was in a Sunday, and after a bad week with Thea (sleep or there lack of) I asked my wonderful mummy if she could have her on the Saturday night, in hopes that I wouldn’t feel like a zombie on my birthday. 

On the Saturday night I had booked a table at a restaurant called Curious Manor. They have a few other resultant/bar/cafes as well- Curious Town House and Cured. I looked at both menu’s but to be honest they’re very limited and not my thing. Curious Manor however was a little bit bigger menu choice and the venue looked great. I guess it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. The decoration and layout is very upside down and back to front which I loved. We went for a pre-dinner cocktail in Revs (Bubble Gum Daiquiri), then dinner followed by after dinner cocktails at Turle Bay (Strawberry Daiquiri). What can I say. I love me some Daiquiris lol. It was really lovely and I enjoyed dinner- very filling and definitely couldn’t fit any desert in! However, we were both knacketed and we’re home by 10pm ✌🏼

The following day my mum and sister bought Thea back around 10.30am. They didn’t stay too long, just long enough to wishes me happy birthday and give me a card. I think my sister was hung over so I told her to bogga off home and get back to bed lol. 

Later on in the day, my Dad and Teresa popped over for an hour. We all had a cuppa tea and again, did the whole card thing. 

For the rest of the afternoon, I did nothing. It was great! It was raining out or else we would have gone for a walk, but actually it worked out well. Sometimes it’s okay to sit and do nothing!

In the evening Troy and Thea sung happy birthday to me whilst giving me my caterpillar cake- because everyone needs one! I might add that Troy forgot to get candles so he’s just put one of my normal candles on the side of the plate lol. 

All in all, it was a really nice weekend. Hopefully next year will be similar. I’ll update with pictures later as I had to wipe my phone so they’re all on a external hard drive. Annoying. I know.