12 Festive Things I Am Looking Forward To 

I’m a big fan of Christmas, there is just so much I enjoy at this time of the year! Christmas trees, lights everywhere, mulled wine, food, presents, spending time with family (just to name a few). With that in mind, here is a blog about 12 festive things that I look forward to. What about you guys? What do you look forward to? Do you have any Christmas traditions? Let’s hear them! 

1: Troy breaking up work for Christmas. Yes, I know he’s just had a week off of work, but he hasn’t had anytime off since around July, not more than a few days anyway (not that we need to justify when he has time off) but you can never have too much time off to spend with your family, especially at certain times of the year, Christmas being one of them. We’re looking forward to some wonderful family time and creating more memories. 

2: Wrapping presents. Some people absolutely  hate wrapping presents, Troy included, but I love it! I usually buy all of my Christmas wrapping paper, tags, bows and fancy ribbon in the sales just after Christmas. I may be wrapping with last years stock, but it saves a shed load and still looks pretty. 

3: Watching Christmas films. Okay, who here doesn’t love a good Christmas film? I LOVE watching Christmas films and as soon as Christmas 24 hits my TV screen in November, its game on! I love a lot of the classics, Home Alone and Elf being a couple of favourites, Christmas with the Kranks I always like to watch, as long as a few cheesy ones on Christmas 24 like Family for Christmas and A Royal Christmas- both starring Lacey Chambers. There are actually a few more I like, but I’m certainly not going to admit it. 

4: Going on the train: I’m sure I’ve spoken about it before, so I’ll keep it brief, but each year we (myself and a lot of my family) travel to Darley Dale where we bored an old steam train. It’s decorated and playing Christmas music, and each year we have the top carriage and meet another group of people there- the only time we see them in once a year on the train! It’s a lot of fun, and we all take party poppers and balloons and have balloon wars up and down the train. The Christmas dinner isn’t the best, I’ll admit, but we’ve been attending for over ten years, so at this point, we pay for a tradition and a guaranteed good time. 

5: Watching Thea unwrap her presents. So she by no means understands Christmas, or really that she’s receiving a present, but she can now unwrap them which is a step up from her birthday, where out of a gazillion gifts, she only unwrapped one. I’m hoping to see a very smiley face when she sees her gifts, but if not, no worries, there is always next year! 

6: Christmas music. More to the point, cheesy Christmas classics. I love a bit of Slade and Mariah Carey. Can’t wait to have a boogie with Thea!

7: Christmas dinner. This is self explanatory right? If you don’t like a traditional Christmas dinner, then I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with you, but there is definitely something wrong with you! 

8: Family time. Christmas shouldn’t be an excuse to meet up with family you haven’t seen since last Christmas, but for some people it’s how it is. Luckily, I am able to gather with my family several times a year, but there is no better time than around a big table for Christmas dinner! 

9: Treats//indulging. Working tirelessly all year to keep the weight off so you can eat your entire body weight in December. After Eight Mints anyone? 

10: Santa coming. I don’t know about you, but I still get excited about Santaxoming to visit and bringing me a gift or two! 

11: Decorating a Christmas tree.  It’s not something everyone enjoys, for example I have been living in this house (my first home) for 4 years now and Troy has not once wanted to help me decorate the tree. I really enjoy doing it, perhaps because we did it as a family thing growing up and I can’t wait until Thea is old enough to decorate with me!

12: Creation Day. I’m pretty sure I’ve down a post about this before, so if you don’t know what it is, you may want to check Decembers posts from 2015. We only managed to get an afternoon in this year, which was still disappointing, but at least we did it. The tradition lives on!