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Children’s Christmas Bargains. 

We said we weren’t going to get much for Thea this Christmas. After everyone was so generous on her first birthday in September, it fast became obvious that she had/has far too many toys! However, we have bought her a few items that I hope she’ll like. We’ve probably purchased a little more than we planned. Oops. 

Sale shopping is definitely the way forward, and there are only a couple of items that I can think of that we paid full price for. These i teams were only £3 each anyway. 

I tend to pick things up throughout the year as I find this seems less harsh on the purse strings. If I leave it all to November time, then it always seems like so much is coming out at once. I do this with most gifts- buy throughout the year, or at least make notes on what people like or mention. 

1: Little Tikes Classic Cozy Coupe Ride-on

This is currently £37.99 on Amazon, but the original price is listed at £54.99. However, we purchased this on Black Friday for the great price of £29.99. I haven’t seen it anywhere else and think we got a bargain. I am contemplating giving this Thea for Christmas, although my aim was to give it her towards Spring time next year. 

2: Twirlywoos Great Big Hoo Talking Soft Toy. 

For the next two items, I did have to rely on family/friends to place the order as I don’t have Amazon Prime. For people who don’t have Amazon Prime, Great Big Hoo is £16.99. If you are a Prime member the you can currently purchase him for £8.54. However, when he was ordered for me last Saturday (3/12/16) he was £6.23!!!

3: Twirlywoos Toodloo Talking Soft Toy

Same process as above. Toodloo for non Prime members is £14.99. After the above went on sale, I have been checking each day in hopes that the others would drop in price for Prime members and low and behold, first thing this morning, Toodloo had dropped to £5.69. I’ve been back on just now and their is still an offer available for Prime members, but it has already risen to £9.96. So glad a friend could order it for me this morning! 

I’m definitely keeping my eye out for price drops on Chickedy and Peekaboo!

4: George Home Deluxe Kitchen

Currently at £40 but out of stock, if you spend £50 on selected wooden toys (most of them) you get 20% off. This was the offer we had, although the price of the kitchen was £50 as it had this set included. The set sold separately is £52 so £2 more at the minute if you wanted to purchase both. With the discount we paid £40 so technically you could say comparing to prices at the minute, we got the wooden cooking set free. 

5: Owl & Fox Kids Table & Chair Bundle. 

I can’t link you to the bundle as they’re selling the table and chairs separately at the minute, although it amounts to the same price. It was priced £40, or currently £20 for the table and £10 for one chair. It wasn’t on offer, however, if you signed up to the Hobbycraft news letter or whatever it is, you received £20 off of your first order, so the total for this was £28.80. It comes with the roll of paper as well, which I was expecting to have to buy seperatly. 

6: Disney Frozen Olaf A Lot 

Still £10 at Mothercare, it was free click and collect, which I didn’t mind as I ordered it over the summer and purchased birthday presents for Thea at the same time. The next cheapest place I can find it is Amazon at £11.99, but if that’s all you wanted, you would have to pay postage and packaging. 

7: Disney Frozen Olaf Plush Cushion.


No link available to the Disney shop as it is no longer available. A friend tipped me off on this one. Without checking (and I can’t because it’s wrapped) I think these cushions are around £15? Correct me if I’m wrong! I paid £8.50. 



12 thoughts on “Children’s Christmas Bargains. ”

    1. Aww thank you. I know the list isn’t very long but thought I’d share what I found. She’s 15 months so will be about ready to ride around in it, but think we’ve decided to wait until maybe spring when it’s a bit nicer out. Bargain was too hard to resist though!

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  1. I like the imaginative toys you’ve chosen! When my daughter was a little bit over a year old, we got her a kitchen and a cozy coup and she loved them!

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      1. Oh, she’s been waiting for a sister for a LONG time so she’s thrilled. Like a second mommy to her. ^_^ I also have two boys, 13 and 5, so she’s had her fill of boys over the years, lol.

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    1. I’m really excited. She loves playing pots and pans- my actual ones that is so glad she’s got her kitchen! I’ll save the cozy coupe for later on when it’s a bit nicer out but thought it was a great bargain!

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