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Christmas Bucket List

Surprisingly I managed to complete the majority of my Fall Bucket List. I think it was something like 13/15 which I achieved which was good going to say it was my first Bucket List. I’m behind on updating what I’ve been up to on the list, but I’ll catch up soon.  

Christmas is a wonderful and magical time of the year, and if you’re the Christmas Grinch, then to be honest for the next few weeks there is no point in reading my posts.

I love Christmas time and over the past years have found it more and more enjoyable. The run up is probably more exciting. Buying presents, wrapping them, going out for food and drinks, taking your children to see Santa etc.  Thea is only 15 months old, so she still has no idea what’s going on, but she has developed a lot more, even over the past three months. On her birthday she wasn’t interested or didn’t get how to open her presents, but since I’ve been doing her Christmas Book Advent Caldendar she has been opening them on her own and gets excited when she sees it. Christmas Day will definitely be a really happy and fun time for her, but I suspect next year will be even better when she has some understanding behind it. 

Anyway, I wanted to do a Christmas Bucket List, so after some consideration, here it is. 

  1. Decorate a Christmas Tree ✔️
  2. Go and see Santa in his grotto
  3. Send a letter to Santa✔️
  4. Receive a letter from Santa✔️
  5. Make Christmas cards✔️
  6. Exchange a secret Santa✔️
  7. Read Christmas stories✔️
  8. Have at least two Christmas dinners✔️
  9. Buy a new Christmas decoration✔️
  10. Have a winter walk✔️
  11. Watch Home Alone 1&2✔️
  12. Visit a Christmas market✔️
  13. Bundle up and go for a family walk✔️
  14. Attend a Christmas party✔️
  15. Take Thea to see some Christmas lights
  16. Go on the annual Christmas train✔️
  17. Leave Santa a drink and a treat for Rudolph✔️
  18. Make Christmas Eve boxes✔️
  19. Hang stockings✔️
  20. Build a snowman 
  21. Make a snow angel 

Most of them are a given that I have/will complete, but there is still a lot of fun to be had. A couple may be tricky if we don’t get any snow, but we’ll see how it goes! 

Siaan & Thea xx


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