Saturday Baking

I’m poorly, again. I know, shock, horror and more shock. I swear my immune system is on existent. 

On Thursday night I had a bit of a tickely throat during Clubbercise class, and then yesterday morning I woke with a full on cold. This morning I had somewhat of a migraine to accompany it, and my eye lids were very swollen and tender. 

Anyway, the afternoon as arrived and Troy has gone out to football. I feel slightly better in the sense that I can actually see now, so I’ve dragged my bum off the sofa and decided to do some baking with Thea. I know, what am I thinking, right?! 

It actually wasn’t that bad. I had bought one of those pre-made packets. It was from B&M and cost 99p, so I wasn’t holding high hopes, but for a first attempt at baking, that didn’t really matter. 

I took her little table into the kitchen and first we put the baking cases into the tray. She managed a couple of times, but also was trying to double them up. 

Next I emptied the sachet into a bowl and just added a heaped teaspoon of butter and then an egg and 4tsp of water and we got mixing! 

Obviously I had to mix it all together, but she enjoyed having a go at mixing herself. However, she did take the spoon out and try and waft it everywhere so I quickly removed it! (Only because it had raw egg on it). That was it as far as the cake went. They went into the oven. It said 12-15 minutes but as suspected I had to leave them in for 20. 

So they looked a little better than I expected for a 99p packet. You’re not going to get the rise as you would with home baking as there isn’t enough mixture for a start, and once she gets used to baking a bit more, we’ll make some scratch. 

While they were cooling I did quickly mix the icing myself as she was busy dancing to Tree Fu Tom. 

I bought the cakes and mixture into the living room and with my help she had a go at decorating! 

All in all baking with Thea was pretty fun. Can’t wait to do it again. 

I hope Troy is looking forward to dinner tonight! 


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    1. They were great fun and really easy because you can hand mix. I can’t wait to make them from scratch and pipe the decorations on but she’s definitely not ready for that just yet lol. I must have done. I played netball in the rain today as well but luckily I don’t feel too bad at the minute. X

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