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Blue Monday

So today, on the 16th of January 2017 it is supposed to be what is known as ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year. I’ve read a few posts on this supposed gloomy day, and even saw a really interesting formula for the day; 

Now, I’ve also been reading that this theory of Blue Monday has now become a big PR stunt, and I mean I get that. What nowadays isn’t a huge PR stunt? However, that still doesn’t stop the above equation being relative in life, right? The weather (W) right now is awful. It’s getting colder and as a Mummy, with no transport in the week, it’s really hard to get out and do anything with Thea. (D)ebt. This plays a huge roll for a lot of people, especially at this time of year due to Christmas. People have been out buying presents they can’t afford and getting themselves into debt just to see loved ones smile for a second. d- monthly salary. Well who doesn’t want to get paid more? (Ti)me since Christmas? Definitely! I love Christmas and the thought of it being over 11 months away is depressing. Q- I didn’t have any resolutions apart from not eat biscuits and so far I’m sticking to it, but I know that if slip up and eat one I’m going to feel really guilt. Should I actually feel like that though? M low motivational levels. To be honest I don’t see this to be a problem. I’m lazy all the time and I always have to push myself to get out and exercise. Once I’m out I feel okay, but it’s just the getting there that’s the hardest. Na- The need to take action. Always. 

Anyway, like I said it all makes total sense, the equation anyway, but I’m not really sure how it relates to this particular day? January is generally a downer of a month, but it’s almost over and we can move on to February. 

Anyway, if today is affecting you or any other day, you can always talk to me 

Siaan & Thea xx