Lazy Sunday…

I thought it was about time to give you a general update of what’s been going on with us lately. Although I update via Facebook and Instagram I don’t think that I’ve put it into a collective post for a while! 

The biggest issue we’ve always had, as you know, is Thea’s sleeping habits, or should I say lack of sleeping! I seriously don’t know how I’ve got through the past sixteen months on so little sleep. November up until a couple of weeks ago were horrendous. It was down to teething, but to be honest, although it gave me some glimmer of hope that she may settle down, I still couldn’t push myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Each night she would wake, and wouldn’t settle. Actually, she would just scream. I tried leaving her, taking her out the cot, feeding her, but she wasn’t having any of it, so I would just end up sleeping on the sofa with her. For six weeks I did this. In mid November, Thea had two teeth. She now has ten, just to make you aware, that was almost one a week. When it got to six weeks I couldn’t do it anymore, I was literally killing myself. 

Enough was enough. I couldn’t see anymore teeth that were about to cut through, so I decided to let her cry it out. I hate doing it. It’s awful and makes you feel like shit, but I couldn’t cope anymore. The first two nights weren’t actually too bad. Night one she cried for an hour, and she did get very upset. We went in a couple of times to make sure she had her dummy and comfort blanket then left her to it. Second night she cried for an hour but it wasn’t as bad. She didn’t seem like she might give herself a heart attack this time lol. We started this probably three weeks ago. We have had two teeth since, but managed to keep her in her cot. Those nights she cried for a bit but settled after so it was fine. The other nights have been great. Most nights I’m only going in to give her a bottle. I can tell it’s made a difference, a huge difference actually. I was going to bed at 9/9.15pm, Troy not long after. We didn’t have much time to relax in the evenings because of that, which was also getting me down. However, the past couple of weeks we haven’t been going to bed until 10/10.30pm. Sounds silly but it’s made a massive difference. It’s given us time to sit down, catch up with each other. We’ve even had time to watch movies together! I know it won’t last forever. There will be more teeth, or something else that upsets her, but for now it’s all good. 

On a Tuesday, Thea has to go to the childminders. Troy goes to work as normal and I also work 9am/7pm, so it’s a long day for me. She’s been going since August and unfortunately still cries when I drop her off. She did go for a couple of weeks where she stopped, but that was short lived. Has anyone else had experience with this? I can only assume it’s because she only goes for one day a week? She’s fine once I’ve walked out the door. The childminder will send me a picture by the time I’ve got to work- a five minute drive away and she’s as happy as Larry! She’s going through a bit of a naughty stage at the minute. Trying to smack kids/adults, being a general terror. She also gets jealous when the child minder pays attention to the other children. I’m sure she’ll get over it at some point, right?

On a Wednesday, to be honest I’m so wiped out from work, we don’t tend to do a lot. I might pop out to the shops, but I try to keep the day as relaxing as possible. If I can I’ll get some house work over and done with, and generally we’ll sit and do an activity in the afternoon- colouring, playdough, painting etc. 

I’ve recently started going to a playgroup on a Thursday morning. We’ve been three times and she’s really starting to enjoy it. It runs 9am-12pm which is a great time for us. We’re always the first to arrive at 9am and then we leave about 11.15am ready for a 11.30am nap. It’s a free group which you can donate to if you want, and they ply you with tea/coffee/biscuits. It’s also joined on to a pre-school and I went and spoke to one of the ladies last week and had a look around. I ended up putting Thea’s name down. She won’t go until she’s three, but I know how full places get so thought better safe than sorry. I felt a bit depressed after. So sad that I’m thinking about this already! 

Fridays, or rather every other Friday we still go to the Rattle, Rhyme and Roll at the local library. It’s only very small which I think is why they only do it every two weeks. It’s a shame as we both enjoy it. At first Thea used to run off and cause mayhem (would you expect anything less) but now she generally stays put, pulling out a chair for herself, or more than likely, stands and dances whilst everyone sings. 

Saturday mornings are spent at Baby Gymnastics. I think I’ve spoke about it before(?) anyway, she really enjoys it and it totally wipes her out. Both myself and Troy take her as it finishes at 11.15am and there is no way one of us could keep her awake in the car on the way back. Each week, she tends to find something to latch onto. A particular toy or piece of apparatus. It’s so annoying for us, but she’s happy so we have to get on with it. This week it was the slide. She literally spent half the session on it. 

I’ve been playing netball on some Sundays, so we don’t normally do anything in the afternoons. This afternoon we’ve just had a relaxing afternoon. Apart from Thea beating us up, but what else is new!

Her speech is slowly coming along. For some reason, she can say words but won’t say them aloud, she ends up whispering so we can’t hear her, such as ‘cats’. She can say Mummy, Daddy, doggy, oh dear, oh no, oranges, yes, no and as of a couple of days ago Rio and Frozen (well, wowen)- her two favourite films. I think all of a sudden she’s just start talking in sentences to be honest and will stay relatively quiet until then. She doesn’t do things by halves. It’s all or nothing with her! 

We still can’t decide if she is going to be right or left handed. She seems to use them for both. Picking things up, eating, drawing, so we’re not sure. At what age are you supposed to know by? Does anyone know? 

Whilst she’s had this mad teething spurt, she has been off food, which is really unlike her. Thank God we’re getting back to normal now- she’s gone back to two good meals a day. Breakfast is still hit and miss. She eats so much in between as well and eats fruit like it’s going out of fashion. Grapes, water melon, oranges, apples, pear, banana’s. Anything she can get her hands on. In fact she often prefers it over naughty treats! 

I think that’s about it for our very long winded, and probably boring update. Hope you’re all well. 

Siaan & Thea xoxo


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday…”

  1. Thea now apparently. All of yesterday she turned her nose up at the offer of biscuits. She had melon, banana, an apple, a pear and 2 satsuma’s 😐. Baby gymnastics is a lot of fun and tires her out so win win.

    Sod’s law that I write she cries each week at the childminders… this morning she walked in. Patted her friend on the head and gave her a kiss, waved at me and ran off 😂 I feel so unloved 😂


  2. That sounds like a nice weekly routine!
    I am totally on board with sleep training – you need to do what you need to do! I read a book called “Bedtiming” a while back, and it gives good and bad periods of time (age-based due to kids’ developmental stages) for sleep training. I can’t recall if Thea’s age is a good stage or not to sleep train, but I recommend the book anyway.
    I read once that you won’t know if a kid is right or left handed until they’re about 3yo, but I swear you can know much earlier – 1.5-2? Once they start using utensils and crayons, you just know!!!!

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    1. We went through a bad patch with sleep a couple of weeks ago. She had an ear infection, conjunctivitis, a tooth cutting and temp of 39 degrees, so sleep wasn’t great (I can’t remember if I mentioned all of this in this blog or not) anyway, once she was well the sleep training started again. She’s been doing great. Mostly only going in once for a feed. She’s grumbles or wakes a couple of times, which does disturb us, but it’s more important to me that she is able to put herself back to sleep. I’ll check the book out though! Yes I though it was around 1.5-2 for her dominant hand. I’m still non the wiser at the moment really, she uses both, but if I had to guess, I would say left handed.


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