Spring Equinox

First of all, Happy Spring, everyone. I’m a few days late, and I’m definitely behind in blogging, but this is the first chance I’ve had in a while for various reasons, including having Bloggers block. However, whatever is going on in your life, Spring makes you feel so much better 🌻🌈🍄🐣

I think after Christmas, everyone tends to feel so deflated, a bit down and a little bit blue. Plus, with it being Christmas, the time of year when you have six thousand things to write about, the first few months of the year feel a bit empty in comparison. It’s probably where my bloggers block has come from. But, with Spring in full swing, and Summer just around the corner, hopefully I’ll find lots of things to chat about. 

Thea is now 18 months and weighs a little over two stone. For the past few months, she’s been pretty much happy and healthy- bar a virus, double ear infection and a stomach upset- but I don’t want to dwell on that. It happens. Sleeping wise, when she’s having a good night, she’s just waking once for a bottle. This happens more often than it doesn’t now, and I can certainly cope with it. It’s a great night for us. 

She also eats fairly well, and I can usually get to her to like something, even if it’s by hiding it in her food. Eventually she’ll eat it on its own. She loves fruit and vegetables, which I’m thankful for! 

Recently, she was going through the difficult phase of sharing, and lashing out at other children. Pretty much walloping them whenever she could, but she seems to have settled down a bit now. She’s still a little possessive of items she’s playing with, such as a slide- she’ll try and push other children away, but she’s getting there, and I know she’s not the only child like it. 

When she was 12 weeks old, I took her for swimming lessons with Sure Start. She hated it. I’m sure I’ve written about it, but yeah, she screamed and cried and never settled. I was never sure why, if the pool was too cold, or if maybe the chlorine irritated her skin, or if she just genuinely hated it, however, she loved/loves her bath time, she I doubted that she disliked the water. I’m ashamed to say that since that time, I’ve been reluctant to take her, which I know is bad as I should have tackled the issue sooner. Last week, we decided to just bite the bullet and take her. We (myself and Troy) decided to try Rushcliffe Areana, as it has a shallow area/splash pool for children and hoped that she would feel more comfortable here. When we arrived we got her changed and she was already whinging, and when we took her out to the pool she started to cry, and proceeded to scream and cry. Troy tried picking her up and carrying her in a deeper bit but she didn’t like it and I could see how it was going to go. We decided to go into the most shallowest but we could find, and Troy lay down on his back, sitting Thea on his stomach. She stopped crying, but was still whinging. I started to gently splash Troy and just laugh and play when I was doing it and encourage Thea to do the same. She started to tap her foot up and down and evetunally leant down to scope up water and splash Troy. After that there was no stopping her. She sat down on her own splashing, ran through the water, went down the slide and even jumped off of the side into the water. We spent a good hour there all together and I was really proud of her. Can’t wait to take her again in a couple of weeks. We definitely don’t want to leave it so long this time! 

In news for myself, I’ve got a new job. It was a hard decision to make, but becoming employed for the person I was already working for as self employed had too many compromiser I wasn’t willing to make. I’ve now gone back into dental nursing, at a very local practice, working three days a week. I’ve been there two weeks and I’m really enjoying it. The girls are really nice and there doesn’t seem to be any of the usual problems that you would find in a work place that’s primarily filled with girls. I’ve even been invited out for one of the girls leaving parties which is really nice!

I can’t say that I like sending Thea to the childminder two days a week (my mum has her the other day), but needs must. I know in the long run, it’s the right thing to do. Especially for my sanity and adult conversation. 

As per normal, I’m trying to find time to myself. To do things I enjoy that make me feel like I have a life of some sort! I’ve downloaded some books with the intention of reading them- I’ve even started one. A couple of weeks ago, I went out with one of my best friends. It was a belated birthday/Mums night out. We went for food and drinks and had a really nice catch up. Best of all we were back home and in bed for 11pm LOL. We really need to do it again soon. 

I’m looking forward to Troy having a week off in April. Of course I’ll be off as well, so it’ll be nice to spend some family time together that isn’t a weekend or a rushed evening. We’ve got a couple of plans already, and I really want to get a few bits around the house sorted. 

Also in April we’ve got Em-Con. if you don’t know what it is, then please, check it out! There are some great guests and exciting things planned across the course of the weekend so it should be a blast. I’ll be working both days, so if you see me, some and say hi! 

If I think of anything else, I’ll add it on. Have a good evening,

Love, Siaan & Thea xoxo


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