Mother’s Day: 2017

As per usual, but post is a few days late, but better late than never, right? 

This year I was worried about Mother’s Day, well not worried as such, but a bit dubious about eating out as Thea doesn’t sit still, and I envisioned just running after her for the entire time. More about that later- time to run through my second Mother’s Day!

The clocks went forward and Thea woke up at 6.45am. Troy got up with her, so I could have a lay in, but I only had another hour as typically, I couldn’t sleep. Troy bought Thea upstairs, and I could hear them whispering in the hallway, but whispering I mean Troy trying to direct Thea. 

I think they did pretty well! She also ran in with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. She looked so cute- ran straight in and handed them all to me one by one, then climbed onto the bed whilst I opened my card. 

I loved my little box of goodies! I’m partial to a new mug and it’s no secret that I adore biscuits, so it was the perfect gift for me. 

After, we all trundled downstairs and Troy made me breakfast- cheese & beans on toast, with a cuppa (in my new mug, of course), YUM! Whilst I ate that, he prepped a shepherds pie and a lasagne ready for this week as we usually need something already prepped and cooked when we’re both at work. He then went outside and mowed the lawn whilst me and Thea had some cuddles whilst watching Paw Patrol, her new favourite show. 

Whilst she had a nap I nipped out to the retail park and picked up some new make up, then headed home to get ready for our lunch. 

I had no idea where we were going, just that it was in the City Centre. As mentioned before, I was worried as Thea doesn’t sit still and if you try to strap her into her high chair for too long, she’ll just scream. Normally, I’d leave her to it and politely tell her to sort her shit out, but it was Mother’s Day, I really couldn’t be arsed, you know? 

So, once she woke up and we were all ready, we headed in. Turns out we had a table booked for the whole family at ‘Encounters’. If you’re local to Nottingham, it’s one of those places you probably driven by hundreds of times, but never been, including myself. Its located on Mansfield Road and is opposite an art shop with Victoria car park behind the art centre.


The restaurant is lovely and small and run by a husband and wife duo. It was full when I went in, but thought if Thea ran off it’s not overly terrible, due to its size. We had a table of 8 booked and had the table along the front window which was nice. Thea kept climbing onto the low windowsill and waving at people and cars going by. The food was beautiful, and when it came tonthe deserts, he said we could have as many as we like! It was a set price of £25 (3 courses and sorbet in between) so it was no extra cost to keep ordering deserts. Amazing! Best of all, Thea although didn’t sit for long, only when eating, just circled the table and was happy chatting to people and playing with a couple of toys we had taken. She was as good as gold and it was a proud Mummy and Daddy moment as well as a relaxing dinner! 

When we finally arrived home, Thea wanted to play in the garden and since it was still lovely out we didn’t see why not. Some children from surrounding houses came to join her- they’re great babysitters! 

When we went inside, unfortunately Troy wasn’t feeling well, so he went up to bed for an hour whilst I bathed Thea and put her to bed. 

I had such a lovely, relaxing Mother’s Day and I’m so grateful to all of those that played a part in it. I hope you all had a great day too! 


Siaan & Thea xxx