Green’s Windmill and Science Centre

The weather for this weekend was forecast to be lovely, and I like to take advantage of it and try and plan in advance what we’re going to do. 

Troy suggested that this morning (Saturday morning), we should visit Green’s Windmill and Science Centre. I have to admit, I’ve never been here and despite living five or so minutes drive down the road, I’m not certain I even knew it was here! Troy said that I must have seen it when driving around that area. I don’t recall- but that’s not surprising. 

We decided to go first thing before Thea’s nap. It opened at 10am which was great as Thea naps at 11.30am. 

The Windmill is actually still operational, and you can buy bags of flour that it has produced. There were actually two men working up on one of the levels when we went up. It’s all free to get into, which is great. There were four or so levels to the Windmill and each level had a different part to making the flour. Had we not had Thea with us, I would have had a more detailed look. 

There is also a very small science centre which has some things to look at. Again, I might get a look next time, but Thea was too busy playing off. There is also a small corner which has a soft play- it’s VERY small, but Thea enjoyed it. You could also do an Easter egg hunt, which was designed for 3+ year olds, so we didn’t bother. It was £5 so seemed a little steep, but then again, I don’t know what the prizes were. 

They have a community garden, and there were lots of delicious vegetables being grown. Tomatos, potatos, onion etc, with a greenhouse and a pond in the same area. There was also a table where one of the workers (I’m unsure if they’re volunteers) helped you to make your own plant pot and plant a sunflower seed. 

After, we went to the park just down the hill. I’m unsure if it’s part of the property that the Windmill is on, but Thea enjoyed herself anyway. The slide is quite big and Jesus after my jog last week, boy did I feel it carrying Thea up the steps to it lol. She also decided to sit on the floor for five minutes and look at the Windmill. She definitely thought Baby Jake was going to poke his head out. 

All in all, it was a lovely morning and I’ll definitely go back again and it will be great for when Thea is a little older. I’d recommend this! 

Hope you’re all having a great weekend so far. 

Love, Siaan & Thea ❤️


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