Hello July

I can’t believe it’s July already. Over half way through the year and it’ll soon be Christmas! I noticed that this month Movies24 is changing to Christmas24. Is this early? Yes, do I care? Hell no! I LOVE Christmas! But for now, we’ll talk about July. 

After seeing another fellow blogger and Instagrammer receive a monthly Treat Box from TreatBoxUK I was pretty amazed at the items that came with, so since May, I’ve been ordering one monthly as a little treat for myself. This morning I received July’s box and once again, I am a very happy customer. Here’s why;

What you get in this months TreatBoxUK;

  • ✨Water Melon Slices (Sweets)
  • ✨Favourite Things (Accessory Bag)
  • ✨Mini Print
  • ✨Pineapple Of My Eye Enamel Pin
  • ✨A4 Cactus Wall Print
  • ✨20 Straws
  • ✨Pineapple and Flamingo Iron On
  • ✨Piña Colada Wax Brittle


With out a doubt one of the best smelling things, which is weird as I hate Piña Colada. It was made by a company called Simple Candle Co. Treatbox uses also get a 20% discount on orders which is fantastic! Can’t wait to go and check out their stuff. 


This is such a cute little case, perfect for lip balm, hair grips and those other little essentials that constantly get lost in your bag! I can’t wait to dig into these sweets either! 


All you need is the perfect frame and this will look amazing anywhere in your home. It makes me feel all summery! 


The pin is going straight onto my summer scarf, how cute does it look? The straws however, well I think they’re my favourite item in the box! I’m going to get back to making yummy cocktails this summer, and these gems will be the perfect edition to my drink! 


I’m not sure what these will go on yet, but definitely something, and I’m thinking onto Thea’s clothing. She’ll love it!

There was also an A4 Cactus print which can be seen in the main image. 

As you can see, its money well spent- these are all fantastic, high quality items and I look forward to receiving mine each month! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed. Don’t forget to head over to TreatBoxUK to order yours now. They don’t just do monthly boxes, but have a whole aray of things from Father’s Day to celebrating best friends and aunties. 

Have fun! 

Siaan xoxo


7 thoughts on “Hello July”

  1. I literally plan to do a Christmas post this month because of Christmas in July 😂 that box is so cute! Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too c

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  2. [ Smiles ] Wow! You received a Treat Box; lucky you!

    Oh, I can barely believe that we are in July (Time is moving rapidly).

    As for Christmas, I hate it; mainly because there is way too much cleaning involved.

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