Cot to Bed…

On Friday 7th July, Thea decided that at around midnight, she was going to launch herself out of the cot. Bollocks. We weren’t going to move her into a bed until much later. Once all her teeth had cut through and she had settled down with her sleeping. We were definitely in no rush to be getting up and down every five minutes when she got out of her bed to run wild. However, we knew that once she had escaped the cot, she would do it again. She did it once more that night, earlier on in the morning, we found out when she just totted into our room at 5am.

On the Saturday, we had a family BBQ, so didn’t have time to convert her cot into the bed, so on Saturday night when she woke up, we just had to be super quick in running in and grabbing her. I ended up on the sofa with her that night just so she couldn’t get out of her cot. I didn’t want her to hurt herself. When Sunday came around, Troy changed the cot back into a bed, which was an absolute faff- you literally had to take the whole thing apart, to put it back into the bed.

Up until this point, we were guilty of letting Thea fall asleep on us and we’d move her into the cot, but I decided that I didn’t want to do that anymore, and it was time to start going to bed awake. It was going to be a big adjustment al at once- her teeth cutting, a bed and going to bed awake, but I knew she could handle it.

It’s been almost three weeks since her first night in her big girl bed and I couldn’t be prouder. Yes, she wakes up and cries, but that’s more to do with her teeth cutting than anything. However, when she cries, she isn’t getting out of her bed and running riot, we’ve had non of that actually. We even bought a stairgate for her bedroom door, but it stays open as we’ve not needed to lock her in. She’s also been going for naps and to bed awake, and believe me, she wants to do this. She now tells me when she’s ready for bed, and pulls me towards the door. I do have to stay with her until she falls to sleep, but its still a massive progression. I just sit there and stroke her head for a few minutes, then she rolls over and I just leave the room.

We have since placed a bed guard up, which I think has definitely helped to not only stop her from rolling out, but to deter her from getting out. I’d definitely recommend one. We got ours from Argos and it was in the clearance so I think it was about £12.

Part of me feels bad for all the other parents that struggle with the transition. Those that have toddlers that get out of bed every three seconds. Those Mums and Dads that have to troll the stairs every five minutes. However, I’m happy and pleased for ourselves, that finally something is going right for us, especially when so many things seem to be going wrong.

How did all of you find the transition for your little ones? The good, the bad and the ugly, spill!

Love, Siaan & Thea xoxo



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  1. Logan used to get out of bed about 4-5 times a night for the first month but now it’s once or twice and he tries running around. I tried putting him to bed awake but he just cries and tears the room apart !! So, for now I let him fall asleep on me then carry him to bed. I will try again in a month of trying to put him to bed awake but it’s not something I will try and force on him as I know he will do it in his own time. Hopefully by his 2nd birthday (Sept 6th) he will be happy with me just sitting with him till he drifts off

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    1. I’m surprised Thea took to it so well. I genuinely think she loves her bed and it’s her teeth that are the problem. I know she would cry if I left the to with her awake, so that’s not an option yet, but I’m happy with her progress so far!

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