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Halloween and Forest Holidays

I know, I know, its ages since I’ve blogged again, you don’t have to tell me. Life is just passing by so quickly at the minute, and I never have a chance (or so it seems) to just sit down and ‘catch up’. I’m working Mon-Weds, and when I’m not at work, I’m working on my new business, ‘Little Melt’s’ , plus being a Mum, there doesn’t seem much time for ‘me’.


Customer photo from Sarah

Anyway, it’s that time of year again where we’ve taken our annual trip to Forest Holidays at Sherwood Pines. It seems so sad that we haven’t even left Nottingham, but its a wonderful thing that we look forward to all year. Family, food, drink and fun! This year we have come for Halloween, there as previously, we’ve come a little later. Last year we came during the first week of December, and before that, the end of November for my 30th birthday.


To start of this trip we went on our annual tradition of pumpkin picking. I said tradition, but it’s only been this year and last. I can still call it a tradition, right? We go to Maxey’s Pumpkin Farm just past Southwell. This year personally for me it wasn’t great as I’d had a tummy bug the night before, so I struggled to walk around, but it was still a nice little trip and we got a few good pumpkins. We got two large ones, and two smaller ‘odd’ ones that I’ve used as display pumpkins. Total cost- £11, family time- priceless.

We had all our meals planned out for the cabins each night as we normally do. Monday night was Indian night, Tuesday was jacket potato and chilli, Wednesday (tonight if I get this blog post finished) me and Troy get a date night and we’re going to the Rose Cottage where I celebrated my 30th with my friends, tomorrow was Chinese night, but we’ve decide to alter it to a tapas kind of night with cheese and crackers. YUMMY.

We arrived on Monday at 2pm as we paid for early check in. We didn’t go out for any walks anywhere as we had to unpack and decorate as it was my sister’s birthday. It didn’t take us long before we were all in that hot tub though, including Thea with her little arm bands. She seemed to settle into her new environment right away, which I was grateful for as last time she struggled. She didn’t know where she was, she refused to go in the bath and the hot tub scared her, non of which have happened this time. She loves the hot tub and keeps asking to go in it. And yes, I’m well aware of the risks, but she’s stand up most of the time so the water sits at her hips, she has a drink in with her, and it’s in it for hours on end.

Yesterday morning we decorated the cabin for Halloween. It’s once of my favourite holidays, so we love decorating, dressing up and trick or treating. We also dressed up later on in the day, and once Thea had gone to bed, most of us went on our own creepy ‘Halloween walk’ around the forest, which was exactly that. Creepy.

I’ve managed to get out (much to my annoyance) for a jog yesterday and today. 2 miles yesterday, 3 miles today. That’s quite enough running now thanks. For the remainder of the holiday, I’d just like to eat my body weight in junk food! We’ve also been for another walk this afternoon with Thea, I’d say it was about 1.5 miles, and we stopped off at various parks along the way.

When we’ve had a chance, we’ve been trying to watch Stranger Things. We’re on episode 3 so far, so hoping to try and get a few more in before we leave on Friday. I watched xXx yesterday which I thought was quite good. I’m currently sitting watching the Lorax, if that’s even what it’s called, but Thea seems to be enjoying it. Since we’ve been here, she hasn’t really been bothered about me and Troy, but she has been stuck to my Mum like glue. At least its a nice rest for me and Troy lol.

Tomorrow my sister and her girlfriend are hiring Segway’s, so the rest of us will have a walk around and then stop off at the Retreat for a cup of tea on the way back. Friday doesn’t even bare thinking about. As per normal, it’s gone far too quickly and I’m not ready for it to be over. I haven’t had more than one day off since April so I was ready for this break and I could certainly do with a little longer. Roll on Christmas for my next little break.

We’re all ready and set to book for next year anyway and we’ve booked the time off work, It hurts my soul though to know we won’t be back until November 2018 WWAAAAHHH.

But for now, I’m signing off to have a sit down before date night.

Take care all

Siaan and Thea xoxo