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Christmas Time

So I’m currently sitting here with a cuppa, watching ‘I’m a Celebrity’, wearing my Christmas socks, trying to get into the Christmas spirit. It’s coming, I can feel it, it’s just taken a little longer this year. I think it’s because every spare moment has been tied up with candle making (not that I’m complaining), but by now my Christmas shopping is usually completed and wrapped, and I’m doing Christmassy things. However, there are presents everywhere waiting to be wrapped, and I’ve got to brave town tomorrow to finish up shopping, as I can’t do it when its just me and Thea. She hates it and its too much hassle and stress! I’ve got my list ready, so hopefully I’ll be in and out- snow permitting,

I’m a bit stressed at the minute due to lack of sleep, and I feel like I’ve constantly got stuff piled up everywhere (another blog for another day). There’s no where to put my massive boxes of candle stuff and Thea’s toys take over- it’s ridiculous. I managed to shove some in a bag today to take to the charity shop, and I’ll certainly be doing more before Christmas if I can.

I didn’t get to finish my wooden advent calendar, as I kept buying the wrong red acrylic paint and I’m not sure it’s worth finishing now as we’re 9 days into December, what do you think? I’m also still trying to finish Thea’s Christmas Eve Box. I got the crate from Hobby Craft for £7, which was great value. I got the personalised plaque from eBay for £6- another bargain. I just need to finish paining the plaque and get it glued onto the front.

Worst of all, I haven’t had Creation Day with my sister this year. For the first time in… God I can’t even remember, since we were young, we haven’t had this day this year, and it’s so disappointing. I guess it’s just down to life, both of us being busy etc. We’ll definitely get on it next year! I won’t let another year go by without it, and hopefully by the time next year rolls around, Thea will want to sit and join in as well 🙂

I’ve got a few Christmassy thing’s lined up to get us all in the Christmas spirit. Mainly food related! We’ve got mince pies to make from scratch, Christmas cupcakes to make and a lot of different Christmas drawing crafts!

This year as per norm, I’ve bought a few more Christmas decorations, I think this is a given most years for everyone, right? I also got a few bargains over Black Friday week, which I’ll post up soon (Can’t do some of them though as they’re Christmas gifts!). I received my Christmas Treatbox on December 1st, so if anyone is interested, I can add in some images of what I received this month. I LOVE IT!

How is everyone’s Christmas shopping and Christmas preparation going?


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