Cot to Bed…

On Friday 7th July, Thea decided that at around midnight, she was going to launch herself out of the cot. Bollocks. We weren't going to move her into a bed until much later. Once all her teeth had cut through and she had settled down with her sleeping. We were definitely in no rush to… Continue reading Cot to Bed…


Thea’s First Birthday. 

It's taken well over a week for me to come to terms with the fact that it's been an entire year since I can birth to a 7lb14oz tiny little baby. I use the phrase 'come to terms with' very lightly, and truth be told, it hasn't fully sunk in yet. How could this little… Continue reading Thea’s First Birthday. 


Running before you can walk. 

In my last blog, I posted a small clip of Thea's first steps. Now she's fully walking- it's ridiculous. She's ten months today, and id say it only took around a week after my last blog for her to become more confident and stay longer in her feet. The other day I recorded a video,… Continue reading Running before you can walk. 


Updates of Milestones & Meltdowns

Last week was a tough week, a really tough week. On Sunday night, Thea woke up around 12am. She cried for an hour while we both had a go at trying to get her back to sleep, but in the end, she wasn't having any of it so we bought her back downstairs at and… Continue reading Updates of Milestones & Meltdowns


Me time indulgences 

I think as a mum, whether a mum with a newborn, a first time mum, a mum with three children, it is extremely important for us all to get some down time, do something we enjoy and indulge a little.  Once you've had a child, you dedicate your life to them, and 99% of the… Continue reading Me time indulgences