Tiredness Kills…

And I'm not just talking about when you're driving a vehicle. I'm sure you've all been there. When you're so tired, you think you might actually die. Yea- that kind of tired. So, if you've ended up reading this blog, lucky you. It's a depressive one! As you all know (because I always go on… Continue reading Tiredness Kills…


Mummy Blues. 

I don't even know where to start writing today- I'm so disorientated due to tirdness I have no idea what's going on. Since Thea's first tooth started to come through, we haven't had many good nights. I'm just praying its due to more teeth coming though, because if not, I have no idea what's going… Continue reading Mummy Blues. 


Updates of Milestones & Meltdowns

Last week was a tough week, a really tough week. On Sunday night, Thea woke up around 12am. She cried for an hour while we both had a go at trying to get her back to sleep, but in the end, she wasn't having any of it so we bought her back downstairs at and… Continue reading Updates of Milestones & Meltdowns


What a new mum really needs and what she really doesn’t need to hear. 

So, when we're pregnant, all you tend to hear is 'oh, you'll need this, this and this, and don't forget you'll want to do that and you should be doing it like this', but more often than not, you sit and wonder how much of that is really true- weather it's a materiel object or not.… Continue reading What a new mum really needs and what she really doesn’t need to hear. 


Me time indulgences 

I think as a mum, whether a mum with a newborn, a first time mum, a mum with three children, it is extremely important for us all to get some down time, do something we enjoy and indulge a little.  Once you've had a child, you dedicate your life to them, and 99% of the… Continue reading Me time indulgences 


The Dairy Diary: Part One

So there have been some major updates since I last blogged about Thea and her milk allergy.  Last Friday, I made her a doctors appointment. I don't mind her reducing her milk intake, obviously you expect it at some point, but it was getting to the point where she hadn't had any milk for 12… Continue reading The Dairy Diary: Part One

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Dressing your baby. 

We all know that babies grow quicker than Jacks Bean Stalk, and if you're like me, you're having to purchase the next size up in advance whilst considering what season it will be.  Thea is coming up to nine months, but I know that some of her clothes will fit her for a little longer.… Continue reading Dressing your baby.