Mother’s Day: 2017

As per usual, but post is a few days late, but better late than never, right?  This year I was worried about Mother's Day, well not worried as such, but a bit dubious about eating out as Thea doesn't sit still, and I envisioned just running after her for the entire time. More about that… Continue reading Mother’s Day: 2017


Spring Equinox

First of all, Happy Spring, everyone. I'm a few days late, and I'm definitely behind in blogging, but this is the first chance I've had in a while for various reasons, including having Bloggers block. However, whatever is going on in your life, Spring makes you feel so much better 🌻🌈🍄🐣 I think after Christmas,… Continue reading Spring Equinox


I’m Pretty Sure My Child Hates Me

Or wants me dead...  Does anyone else's child try to constantly smother them, beat them up, or gouge their eyes out? Mine does. All the time. You may think I'm over reacting. I think not.  Please see evidence provided.  Exhibit A:  Exhibit B:  Exhibit C:  Exhibit D:  Exhibit E:  Exhibit F:  Exhibit G:  Exhibit H: … Continue reading I’m Pretty Sure My Child Hates Me

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Christmas Bucket List

Surprisingly I managed to complete the majority of my Fall Bucket List. I think it was something like 13/15 which I achieved which was good going to say it was my first Bucket List. I'm behind on updating what I've been up to on the list, but I'll catch up soon.   Christmas is a… Continue reading Christmas Bucket List