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Halloween and Forest Holidays

I know, I know, its ages since I've blogged again, you don't have to tell me. Life is just passing by so quickly at the minute, and I never have a chance (or so it seems) to just sit down and 'catch up'. I'm working Mon-Weds, and when I'm not at work, I'm working on… Continue reading Halloween and Forest Holidays


Cot to Bed…

On Friday 7th July, Thea decided that at around midnight, she was going to launch herself out of the cot. Bollocks. We weren't going to move her into a bed until much later. Once all her teeth had cut through and she had settled down with her sleeping. We were definitely in no rush to… Continue reading Cot to Bed…


Fall Bucket List. 

To start off with, I've totally stolen this from someone else! (With her permission of course!) You should totally go and read the original blog which you can find here.  Anyway, so I've never made any kind of a bucket list before, the only lists I seem to make lately are 'to do list' which… Continue reading Fall Bucket List. 


Updates of Milestones & Meltdowns

Last week was a tough week, a really tough week. On Sunday night, Thea woke up around 12am. She cried for an hour while we both had a go at trying to get her back to sleep, but in the end, she wasn't having any of it so we bought her back downstairs at and… Continue reading Updates of Milestones & Meltdowns